…… Hon Brian Mundubile says Dr Musokotwane has no solutions to revamp the Economy.

Lusaka……Saturday, February 24, 2023 [Smart Eagles].

Calls for the resignation of Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane as Minister of Finance and National Planning have increased.

This comes at the backlog of poor performance of the economy and escalating Cost of Living due to bad policies favoring the Private multinationals in the time the UPND have been in office.

Leader of Opposition Hon Brian Mundubile said the Zambian people have lost confidence in the Minister of Finance.

Hon Mundubile said this is because Dr Musokotwane is incapable of collecting the appropriate taxes from the Mining sector.

He said the country is tired of being blackmailed by the Mining Companies who threaten to leave whenever Government want to collect appropriate taxes.

“DR Musokotwane will do everything possible to ensure that he protects the private capital of these Mining houses. A good investor is one who is ready to pay appropriate taxes and enter into a win win agreement. Comrade Musokotwane has delivered a speech constantly stating that the Mining houses were ready to leave. We call upon Zambians to get ready to run these mining houses. I Have confidence that the University of Zambia has trained quality Mining engineers capable of running mining houses,” he said.

And Hon Mundubile said it is a shame that a person of Dr Musokotwane’s calibre would be content with misleading the nation regarding the health of the Economy.

He said the next Finance Minister must set up milestones to be achieved by Mining houses before they access these incentives.

He said that is the only sure way thay will either protect the revenue or make Zambia benefit from production in the Mining sector.

He said Zambia does not need leaders who are cowards and scared of the Mining houses who threaten to leave.

He Said this is why he has been giving the Mining Houses Favourable incentives at the expense of the starving Zambians.

“………..He went on to Make Mineral royalty tax deductible…We warned Hon Musokotwane that as a result of these measures he was putting in place, we were going to have a shortage of foreign exchange and lose revenue. We have completely lost confidence in comrade Musokotwane…. As the UPND leave Office in 2026, we need a Minister who will be able to stabilise the economy. The 3 million Metric Tonnes per annum remains a pipeline dream,” Hon Mundubile said.

Meanwhile, Feira lawmaker Hon Emmanuel Tembo also called for the resignation of the Finance Minister.

Hon Tembo said when the Minister of Finance speaks, he gives a state of hopelessness to the people.

He said the statement presented in Parliament was empty and not giving confidence to the Zambian people on how the economy will improve.


  1. Bo situmkeko needs refresher courses. The economy is bad and people in mining towns are suffering. He needs to visit the Copperbelt University for a refresher course on how to manage the economy.

    • Is that an honest basis to make such an undertaking?
      Because you wife has burnt umunani you divorce?
      This attitude we have of acting on an whim is but imature. Mundubile has no national interest other than partisan tactics so that him and Lungu can come back and continue LOOTING!….
      Is there any seriousness in the characters that PF had at the helm of treasury? We have read of what they did while they were in power.
      Ba Mutale lets think before we make outbursts that have no rational basis. Cause all you will suggest to us is bring “breakdancers” like Mvunga

    • That comments is the same as treating symptoms instead of treating the cause. Problems in the mines in the Copperbelt was caused by the very PF but UPND is trying to resolve them and they have so far done over 90% of the work. It’s really baffling to hear people who put us this mess commenting as if they are the saviours.

      • It is indeed baffling that suddenly the PF wants to create an impression that it has the solutions to the problems it created and failed to resolve while in power.

  2. It won’t happen!
    The current crop of opposition leaders are like Hyenas who pray for a crisis to take advantage of!
    You are anarchists bane!
    Let’s be honest!
    It takes a lot of pain to restructure Debt! We have been on this road before with SAP and HIPC but we never saw reckless PF coming and we chose not to learn our lessons on bad debt!
    The ones who should resign are the PF MPs who put this country in a Debt Crisis!
    Seleni babombeko aba Mano!

  3. Surely at his age this mundubole can continue saying rubbish just to blind those who are always being cheat by these crooks.

    The economy under MMD of Mwanawasa and even RB was still very good for our country and ticking after HIPC completion.

    The economy under PIEFU both under MCS and àgwa was completly destroyed. This is the party this man belonged to and worked together with his friends who include kalaba.

    They rooted the treasury through inflated infastructure projects tenders and prices, and pockered the money living the Country in a negative performing economy. stuck
    They borrowed kaloba from many private entities, they failed to pay (defaulted ) in 2020 with their two Finance Ministers Bwalya Ngandu and his predisasor Margret Mwanakatwe, went to lie in parliament that all was well but alas. Usual satanic habbits.

    What can this agent of the devil tell the nation.

    Always full of lies like a snake that pretends to hamer samersots but in the end it bites and runs away. This, is this mole.

    Not everyone will listern to your lies. SHAME ON YOU.

    Viva Mr. Finance Minister. Hon. Musokorwane i hear china and India have signed on their part as negotiated on/of the PF debt which they left. Very soon it will ve over.
    Like it happened in the early 2090s Chiluba like AGWA borrowed heavily and store part of the money but Mwanawasa controlled the situatiin during HIPC and great fruits were seen. This is the same way it will happem with HH.

  4. I honestly do not know why people blame these ministers like they are the ones who make decisions.

    The problem is not the ministers. They are just there for decoration. The problem is with him, alone. The pupppet tribalist conman.

    • To the best of my knowledge he is no longer leader of the opposition in parliament. I am wondering why this article refers to him as leader of the opposition.

  5. The economics of 1970s is not the same as 2024. People responsible for decision making should be encouraged to do refresher courses to update themselves with contemporary issues in their fields. Otherwise we will go back to economics of 1970s. You give mine houses tax holidays for 5 years then you fail to inspire SMEs. Shame ! We have seen that kind of thinking before!


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