Mr Edgar Lungu Must Publically Apologize For Calling Bembas Thieves



4TH December 2023


Mr. Edgar Lungu, told the world that out of 10 Bembas 6 are thieves, he made this accusation in front of cameras. This means that, 60% of Bembas throughout the world are thieves. He said this without providing any empirical evidence to back up his claims. Which meant that he was just being malicious?

To label Bembas as thieves is a very demeaning accusation of the highest degree against the innocent Bembas. Mr. Lungu as a lawyer knows the implications of his accusations against the Bembas. He has put the lives of the Bembas at a risk; Bembas can longer move with their heads up. We are therefore demanding that he retracts his statement and offer a public apology to all Bembas for calling them thieves.

His statement was meant to incite other tribes and employers to rise against Bembas. As a result of that statement Bembas have lost respect in society as they are treated and regarded as thieves. His utterances have far reaching consequences on the day to day undertaking of Bembas.
Bembas have suffered irreparable damages. We therefore call upon all noble Bembas to support and defend their integrity.

This case is not about politics, but about the integrity of Bembas of today and generations to come. Bembas cannot depend on others to defend them from such malicious attacks, NO. Bembas have the capacity to defend themselves from such malicious attacks. Bembas should not be born with a tag of a thief because of Mr Lungu. Anyone who thinks is part of what Mr. Lungu said, please we ask you to keep away. You will have chance in Court to testify for Mr. Lungu that you are the thieves he was talking about.

We must also make it very clear that what Mr. Lungu said is not about cousinship or chimbuya.

There is no chimbuya when you defame someone. Mr. Lungu meant what he said just like when he gave instructions to his juniors to loot the Country through UBOMBA MWIBALA….. What followed was a free for all looting of public resources leaving the Country with a huge debt. If this matter goes unchallenged people will take it that indeed Bembas are thieves. Silence means consent.

Albert Malama

UPND – Acting Chairman for Mines


    • I totally agree!

      I think this Malama knows there is nothing to apologise for. He is just under instructions from his boss.

      Hakainde should not meddle into the Ambuya relationship between Bembas and Easteners. We get along very well, and can not be divided by cheap politics. Otherwise kuti waponokwa.

      • Indigo Tryol you are foolish iwe for including HH in your Edgar Lungu mischief. You are Satan iwe for hating innocent person galu iwe.

        • Iwe chi Bob Mpombo sit down quietly.

          Your ka small god is too divisive. He hates seeing other tribes mingle and joke freely. What type of person is that? Awe talk to your uncle, because this is how people ponona.

    • Gent , let’s get focused and have this country on a better footing other than regress .A lot of work need to be done to set the wheels in motion once again for the betterment of the next generation

  1. Bola yakosa ba UPND..Resurrecting Ancients. Next you will accuse him of hate speech! We know the person who used Tribe to ascend to Power. He lived tribe, breathed tribe and sow seeds of regionalism which we now see..a fractured society.
    We know where we are coming from, where we are and where this failed government is taking us.
    So give us a break. Take your tribalism elsewhere. Bembas are not fools, and don’t suffer from poverty of the Mind.

  2. Ba Malama, you are UPND and why should Lungu apologise. That was chimbuya at play. You want recognition in your party? Kikikikiki. I don’t like ECL but to be compelled by UPND to apologise is out of context.

    • It is Hakainde causing tribal divisions. But it can never work. He will score an own goal.

      He has managed to sabotage Miles Sampa and other weak hungry Bembas, now he thinks he can buy the entire tribe, and create enemies with Easterners.

      What a pathetic little man he is.


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