Mr Ground need to be taught Sesheke manners- Hon. Romeo Kangombe

Romeo Kangombe

When Mazoka died, Given Lubinda and Sakwiba sikota resigned from UPND and promised to destroy UPND.

UPND went into an alliance with FDD (UDA) later Nawakwi withdrew and promised to destroy UPND.

Richard Kapita, GBM, Charles Kakoma, Edwin Lifwekelo, you can name them, they all promised to destroy UPND. Did they succeed? You know the answer, they are still forming alliances to destroy UPND.

The entire PF vowed that HH was never going to be President of Zambia. Using all state machinery and powers but they still failed.

This is why I wonder where a grade 7 pupil in the name of ground, whatever his real names are can have the audacity of claiming that he can destroy UPND. Awe guys chibeleshi chashani? Some of these chaps need to be taught Sesheke manners. Leave us out of your cheap politics.

Romeo Kangombe


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