Mr Hichilema has crossed the Red Line……as Zambia teeters on brink of catastrophe says M´membe

Dr Fred M’membe
Dr Fred M’membe

Mr Hichilema has crossed the Red Line…”

…as Zambia teeters on brink of catastrophe says Dr M´membe

Socialist Party President Dr Fred M´membe says Zambia´s President Hakainde Hichilema has crossed the political ´red line´ and is now risking throwing the whole country into total confusion as he attempts to change the constitution to prolong his stay in office.
Dr M´membe was speaking during an impromptu press conference following the ´expulsion´ of nine members of parliament belonging to the legal opposition Patriotic Front (PF) at the hands of the ´illegal´ faction led by expelled PF legislator Miles Sampa.

“He (President Hichilema) has crossed the red line,” Dr M´membe said, “he has manipulated all the three arms of the government and if we let him continue on this path, Zambia´s democracy and constitution will be damaged irreparably. We must rise and stop him before it is too late.”

The SP President told Zambians to open their eyes to the fact that Miles Sampa “has no capacity” to cause the confusion in the PF, expelling members and causing all sorts of mayhem without the support of President Hichilema.

“He (HH) wants to reduce the numbers of PF MP´s so that he can achieve a two thirds majority in parliament which he failed to get during a normal election in august 2021,” said Dr M´membe.

If he is allowed to reduce the number of MP´s from the opposition, the SP leader warned that, “he (HH) will then scrap the 50 pc + 1 in favour of a simple majority to avoid an election rerun. He will also scrap the running mate so that he ca have his own vice President but most of all he wants to EXTEND his office life as President from the current five years to 7 years while turning Zambia into a single party state.”

Dr M´membe called on all Zambians regardless of party politics or religious affiliations to join hands and fight Hichilema from decimating Zambia´s hard fought for democracy.

“Even if we differed in the past, or we had accused each other of witchcraft lets put all that behind and fight to safeguard our democracy and our constitution,” Dr M´membe said, “Zambia is much bigger than Mr Hichilema lets fight for whats right.”

Source: Dr Fred M´membe press conference 06.12.23


  1. Looking for a leadership position? Sir, you don’t qualify. You failed to run a simple 6 pages newspaper all run from a single building on a house plot. You couldn’t pay taxes, and failed to remit workers tax benefits in the entire life the newspaper you ran. You sent some into depression and forced some to their early deaths and you think you can run a country? Lungu made look easy and didn’t care what was going on as long as he had his Jameson. we can’t make another mistake! Running a country is not propaganda!! All you’ve done all your life is propaganda. You can’t run a country that way. Find something to do. Find something else to do because you don’t even believe your own lies. Where you failing to pay tax and remitting workers benefits. Yes you failed for the entire time your business was running. Did the Lungu regime treat yo well? No they didn’t. They should have left you to run your kantemba but make sure you paid your taxes and stopped manufacturing fake news.


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