Moyse Joseph Kaulung’ombe
Moyse Joseph Kaulung’ombe


(TIMES OF ZAMBIA)-THE man who spent all his life shadowing his boss’s every step has followed him into the after-life.

Moyse Joseph Kaulung’ombe was Kenneth Kaunda’s body guard for many years until UNIP was ousted from power by the Multi-party Movement for Democracy (MMD) in 1991 and stuck with him as his head of security after he left State House.

According to a family member, Mr Kaulung’ombe died yesterday, just 50 minutes after Dr Kaunda had passed on at 14:30 hours. He was 74.

He is largely credited with saving Kaunda’s life in the suspected assassination attempt on his life in Kabwe in 1998, acting bravely to push the former president out of harm’s way when bullets were fired at him and his lawyer Roger Chongwe.

He was also arrested in connection with the “Captain Solo” coup plot in which Kaunda was alleged to have been complicated, but no evidence was ever adduced against any of the parties accused.

Mr. Kaulung’ombe had been battling colon cancer since 2018 and had been to India for treatment.



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