Mr President Your Praise Singers and those surrounding you at STATE HOUSE are misleading you- Charles Chikoko Malembeka




Dear Citizens, I know most of you are aware that I resigned from Active POLITICS.
I’m into Farming now and Goat rearing.
In a long time I have been watching all the Political happenings from a Distance.
But today, as a PILGRIM, as one of the Earth’s Guardian,I have this to say to Politicians especially Bally and the New Dawn members.

Your Exellency Mr President Hakainde Hichilema.
Kindly find your time out of your busy schedule to go through this article.

Mr President.

… I know very well Sir how people especially your Members are too too scared of you that they’ll pretend all is well even when they can see how bad things are.

… I know very well how your Supporters praise and sacrifice to support you even when they know you are missing it.

… I know very well how you have instilled fear in Citizens by lessening the works of the Police by using institutions like D.E.C and A.C.C.Citizens are now back in the Kaunda error where even just to own a Television Set was a crime. Now this is happening in a free economy today.

… I know very well how you are managing to make people fail to make any form of money by calling them Corrupt. All Zambians should have cheap houses, cheap cars and should just NOT have nice things but only you Mr President and Your Colleagues.

… Your Exellency, I know how today in Zambia you are dimmed to be the only Innocent and none Corrupt Man in the entire Country.

… Mr President, I know how you praise yourself as the Smartest Man in Zambia today. You are the only President that has done extremely well more than any other since Independence.

… I know how you have condemned, and still condemn your predecessor’s Government and how you call them thieves making your major Topic in almost all your Press Briefings.

Note: But Why am I writing this article?

1… Is to let you know that I’m a breed that calls a Spade a Spade.

2… I don’t choose who to advise and who Not to.

3… If former President E.C.L listened to articles like this one, he should have been President even today.
..I’m therefore giving you and your team a very small advise which you are free to take or ignore just like I did to E.C.L and his Boys bene Kaizar Zulu .


…I’ve lost Elections with MMD before in 2011.

…I’ve lost Elections with Upnd before in 2015 and 2016.

…I’ve lost Elections with the PF in 2021.
I Know how Elections are lost.
I so far have enough Political knowledge on how to manage Power and also on how to lose it.

Your Exellency.

Your Praise Singers and those surrounding you at STATE HOUSE are misleading you.
Sir,No one remains on Top for ever. Power is always Temporal.
Even the late K.K,Sadam,Mugabe,Gaddafi plus many other Powerful Leaders on the Planet time came that they had to be out of Power.
You too Mr President will be out of Power some day.

Focus on the Economy and Citizens for now Mr President.
Citizens voted you to Govern them and NOT reminding them of the PF whom they [Citizens] removed from Power.
It is not you that removed the PF and E.C.L out of Power but the same people you keep telling them of PF. These people know PF far more than you do Mr President. They are the same people who Put P.F in Power and are the Same who removed it from Power.
Your Exellency, in case your people are Not telling you the truth.
You found a 25 kg of Mealie Meal at K140 and today it’s at K320.
You found a bag of Fertilizer at K250 and today it’s at K850.
You Found Petrol at K16 per litre and today it’s at K30 per litre twice the Price you found it in a Space of only 3 years. These are serious issues that you should be addressing each time you seat with your people.

Mr President.[BALLY]

In Case you are Not aware.
You have devided your own political Party into 2.
.. The New Dawn members and the Upnd members.
Of these two groups, the most important members are the Upnd members whom you have neglected.
They suffered for the Party and Your rise to being Republican President came through their endless efforts.
Most of these people you have brought close to yourself were Not there when you were being blocked by Jerabos on the Copper Belt coming out of the Radio Station through the Roof.

Bradford, Chellah Tukuta Photography,even just Clayson Hamasaka,he’s my brother but he was Not there on the ground during the Struggle. We all know what he was doing.

We are not saying that you should chase them NO! But remember those Branch,Ward,District,Constituency,Provincial and National Upnd members that fought for the Victory you have today.
Today,people will be lying to you if they tell you that Your Party Upnd is intact on the ground.
What is Intact is the A.C.C and D.E.C.

Your Exellency, get to your Secretariet or to State House and Adress all your Constituency Chairmen, District and Provincial Chairmen.
Hear them out. Listen to them, don’t threaten them. Just hear them freely then you’ll know what the ground is like.
Today, Your Exellency, your biggest Opposition is NOT Lungu and his PF.

Your Biggest Opposition are the Zambian Citizens you Promised Mealie Meal at K50,Fuel at K10,Dollar getting to K5 just after Swearing in.
Your Opposition are the Upnd members whom you are rejecting that they are on their own when they get into Problems today, Upnd members whom when you were arrested for 127 days stood by your side and never said that you were on your own but each time you were appearing they came to Court in numbers and gave Pressure to the Authorities. Some died along the way like Clance Zulu plus many others. These Upnd members gave Pressure to the Authorities that they were forced to have you out of Prison looking at the pressure they were receiving from these poor people.

Today, Your Ministers are seen in Dubais with their Families when these poor members that suffered for them are still terribly suffering.
Mr President, No one will ever do an open article like this because they fear Authorities. I don’t fear Authorities but i respect them. The God I worship he has Not put a Spirit of fear that’s why I’m free to advise anyone regardless their Political Status. I will always advise the Leaders each time they abandone their Citizens.


I know very well that I’ll be insulted by some New Dawn members because they are eating at the expense of Upnd members.
People like Kabuswe who has been PF has continued eating even today as a New Dawn and NOT Upnd.
He has even abandoned the very same people that welcomed him to the Banquet.

Your Exellency…
Take this article as your own and find a way of bettering the Lives of Citizens and Upnd members. STOP threatening Your people and Citizens. All Zambians are Zambians regardless their Political Affiliations.

Habour No grudge and God will be happy with you. Vengeance is mine Says the Lord.
If I could, I would have told you direct but the fact that You are at STATE HOUSE and I leave in Kanyama,it’s not possible.

Aluta Continua!

By Charles Chikoko Malembeka the PILGRIM]


  1. Just shut up you political quagmire,which kaunda error are you talking about, you want people to be using corruption in order to aquire wealthy,get it in your mind that this government is a transparency one you just need to show your documents how you obtained an item then you will be free, don’t act like an idiot by writing a long useless article without any point in it fool,am sure you’re one of the profesionnal fools(pf)carder who believed in corruption as a get way to richness, go and plant maize at the farm can’t you see that it is raining

  2. Hakwasiya,

    Please leave our beloved KK out of your nonsense. The author was not even born when KK was leader to be telling such lies.

    Make this the last time you compare KK or Levy to a tribalist conman. How disrespectful can one get surely.

    • Look at this tough guy clown called Indigo. Who can’t even read or comprehend, but jumps to show HH hatred in every comment. Shut up.

  3. These are debates where people express their opinions on various national issues and I beg to differ with you a bit because I don’t agree that HH has divided the party into two, the new dawn and the UPND and I don’t also agree that he has embraced the New Dawn members at the expense of UPND members. These are just terms used to refer to the same party, for example, MMD was known as New Deal government and now UPND is known as New Dawn government but that does not and should not affect the general membership. Life should be practical all the time, even when you go for a wedding party, it is not possible for all of you in your hundreds or thousands to hug the Bride but the wedding organizers will ensure that all the guests are well fed. We all know that it’s only the Groom who kisses his Bride and even if his brothers or cousins complain, there is nothing much he can do, but that does not mean that he has neglected or forgotten about his friends, no. It is equally not possible for the President to reward and satisfy everyone who supported him. But on overage, he has tried to create opportunities for everyone especially the youths. I am sure you can agree with me that there are more business and entrepreneurship opportunities in Zambia now than at any other time in history. All this is because the President wants the people to start working, earn money and build the economy as opposed to just walking through markets, dishing out money to cadres and supporters, that is why the economy was destroyed.

    The other point is that we need to understand about the President is that, from the word go, he openly told the Zambians that he was not going to rule this country on tribal or regional lines as it was in the previous Administration. For the sake of uniting the country, there are some liberal and loyal people from PF and other parties which HH incorporated into his government, of course not forgetting that he is working with Alliance Partners as well, but that does not mean that he has forgotten about his own people. HH has taken a bold step by putting National interest above his own party’s interest for the sake of unity in the country, he has rekindled the flame of National Unity and wants to see Zambia united again. Certain things come with a lot of sacrifice and people should understand that HH has made that sacrifice risking his own popularity and that of his party. Honestly speaking, if HH had just looked at UPND members, then he would have continued running the country on tribal and regional lines as it was in PF and the situation could have been worse. We still remember how HH delayed to assemble and appoint his Cabinet because he wanted to have a well-balanced Cabinet representative of all the regions in the country. If we rewind a bit, KK tried as much as possible to unite the country under One Zambia One Nation but when Chiluba came, there was a bit of relaxation and we started drifting back to tribal and regionalism. When Mwanawasa came, him tried to go the Kaunda way and he did very well. Since the people from the North were already many in the government, he didn’t reappoint Mr. Kavindele from Northwestern Province, he had to forego one person so that he could bring in many people into the government from that region. Instead he appointed Dr. Nevers Mumba from the North as his Vice President and appointed all the MPs from Northwestern either as Full Cabinet Ministers or Deputy Ministers, the people of NW were very delighted because it had never happened before. When Dr. Nevers Mumba was dropped, Mwanawasa still appointed Mr. Lupando Mwape from the North. When the people of Lukashya rejected Lupando Mwape, the visibly annoyed President Mwanawasa moved to the East and appointed RB as his vice president. But when PF came to power, all the gains Mwanawasa did were un done and we went back to square one. The same tribal and regional politics came with much force and even became official in the country. This is what HH didn’t want, he refused to lead a divided country, he refused to be a tribal and regional President, he wanted to be a Zambian Republican President and that is what he is. Let us start thinking Zambian and see people like Hon. Kabuswe and others as Zambians and not PF or MMD. Let us build and unite our country so that we leave a better Zambia for our children and all the future generations.

  4. Charles – aluta continua is a serious phrase made popular by Mozambique’s FRELIMO for their independence struggle. Don’t misuse it for this senseless dribble.

  5. Is this Malembeka gentleman serious? Yes, during KK’s time, we had SITET who would pursue you if you so much as got a brand new TV. You forgot to mention that during KK’s time corruption was extremely low and nobody ever got rich overnight.

    So Mr. Malembeka, you are saying those who have unexplained wealth must be let off the hook? What kind of humanbeing are you who condones and rewards wrongdoing? Laws are there to be enforced and those who break the law must be punished. It is not vengeance.

    During PF reign Zambia became a looters’ paradise. Video clips of PF cadres literally sleeping on a bed of cash and burning K100 notes are there on YouTube and you want us to ignore that? I look forward to the day when PF looters will be held to account. It is one of the reasons I voted for HH and UPND. If UPND officials also engage in looting national resources, they too must be pursued and prosecuted.

    Yes, times are rough but the government is doing what it takes to lay a firm foundation for the future. Good things don’t come easy.


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