All People’s Congress president Nason Msoni has cried foul that some UPND Alliance partners are being sidelined by the ruling UPND.

Mr Msoni, whose party is a member of the UPND Alliance, has said that it is obvious that they have been living a lie in the Alliance for far too long as Seven months in government is long enough to demonstrate honesty and fair play.

Mr Msoni said that he did not risk his life and that of his party members for nothing, adding that he did not join the UPND Alliance to be a political spectator, but a partake and as such he is entitled to lay claim to positions in government.

Mr Msoni stated that those who stayed home and played safe when it had mattered most cannot be the first to benefit from the sweat of others.

Meanwhile, Mr Msoni said that he feels that Political Alliances and political mergers are the future of Zambian politics.

Mr Msoni said that going forward; no single political entity will unilaterally form a government without reaching out or soliciting partnerships with other political parties. Mr Msoni has, however, noted that political Alliances must be real both in terms of character and shared responsibilities and should be mutually beneficial to all political parties if they are to genuinely serve their intended purpose.


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