MultiChoice adds Crown TV – Giving Zambians more local choose from

Crown TV

MultiChoice adds Crown TV – Giving Zambians more local choose from

5 th March 2024

Lusaka, Zambia – MultiChoice has announced the launch of Crown TV, a new local channel now available on both DStv and GOtv platforms. This addition aims to provide viewers with an enriched selection of captivating local and international content.

The integration of Crown TV into the DStv and GOtv lineup aligns with MultiChoice’s hyperlocal
strategy, dedicated to delivering top-notch, engaging, and valuable local entertainment to its
diverse customer base.

Mrs. Leah Kooma, Managing Director at MultiChoice Zambia, expressed commitment to
customer satisfaction, stating, “At MultiChoice, our primary focus is always on our customers. In
pursuit of our mission to enhance access to exceptional entertainment, we are thrilled to
introduce Crown TV, a new channel that provides even more options to our esteemed DStv and
GOtv subscribers in Zambia.”

She further emphasized: “We believe that the addition of this new channel will enhance the
value proposition for our customers, offering them greater access to both local and international
entertainment at affordable rates.”

Speaking when he launched the channel, Minister of Information and Media, Cornellius Mweetwa, said: “The government is pleased to note that MultiChoice has continued to play a significant role in helping local channels develop and grow, which has significantly contributed to the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in the country.”

Crown TV, a 24/7 flagship channel, offers a diverse range of content including local news, music, business and political analysis, lifestyle, and entertainment content in both English and
Vernacular. The channel can be accessed on DStv Channel 277 and GOtv Channel 23, beginning 5 th March 2024.

Expressing enthusiasm about the launch, Mwape Kumwenda, Managing Director at Crown TV,
remarked, “We are so excited about the launch, this will enable us to provide local content not
only in Zambia but also various audiences in southern Africa.”

She added: “This launch is a milestone for Zambian media because it will help promote Zambia’s culture much as it will market Zambia as a country.”


  1. Mrs Kaoma what you should be suggesting is another cheaper and affordable bouquet with lical contebt only as as an affordable option instead of this “crown tv” whose content has no bearing on the cost, the outcry of your customers.
    This is just a tell tale sign of how people at the top can behave like “Ostriches” with their heads in the “sand”. Zambia needs leaders who address the issues not those that use lipservice and rethoric to run away from issues. This isnt South Africa where ANC lipservice works…and people tolerate their loadshedding and corruption stories


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