Lusaka, Sunday (March 19, 2023)

Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Brian Mundubile says the UPND administration should cancel the March 29-30, 2023 event, where the United States of America will co-host the second Summit for Democracy with Costa Rica, Netherlands, Korea, and Zambia, due to flouting human rights, recently exhibited.

Mr. Mundubile, a Patriotic Front – PF Presidential Candidate, said money for the Summit would have been channeled towards addressing the Dollar which is at K20, fuel at K29, ZESCO Connection Fees from K750 to K14,000, no medicine in hospitals, giving fertilizer in medas, excessive bus fares and high cost of mealie meal.

Mr. Mundubile said this is because 22 peaceful protesters that were airing their views on national issues were arrested.

He said journalists had recently been detained on duty for doing their work and former President Edgar Lungu was threatened with arrest for worshipping God.

He said such activities were not expected in a Constitutional Democracy.

“We are a Constitutional Democracy and like all said by one eminent writer ‘The Greatness of any Nation lies in the fidelity to the Constitution’. What we are seeing today is a violation of the Constitution in many aspects,” he said.

Mr. Mundubile said the country had seen a shrinking media and civic space under UPND.

“To host a Democracy Summit at a time like this, will be very difficult,” he said.

Mr. Mundubile said, what the UPND Administration would present has many infringements, looking at some examples of violation of Human Rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

“We want to see what kind of poetry Government officials are going to present at the Summit given that they have not acted democratically in many instances,” he said.


  1. Mr hijack in PF human rights where abused when PF criminals ligalized tribalism nepotism gassing insults thuggerism police brutality land grabbing and corruption don’t mislead mundubile especially when you where closing radio stations and tv stations

  2. I have always differed with this lawyer the way he articulates national issues. He doesn’t differentiate between breaking the law and human rights. He is acting as a complainant and a jury as a lawyer he knows that the judicial system doesn’t operate like. The courts of law haven’t aquitted them and as such they’remain as charged. So ba mundubile stop politicking over national matters. Your focus now should be about your convention which has failed lamentably under your watch as a lawyer.

  3. That’s how trickers and Robbers winkers do. He forgets how he treated her own people when she was in leadership.
    We wiw go ahead willingly and voluntary

  4. The audacity of this man! I have no words for him. Tell your fellow thieves to return stolen money which your party is splashing on Nawakwi, Chilufya Tayali, Sean Tembo, Kabimba, Lusambo etc and our country will be ok.

  5. This is ukutumpa the President was talking about, after benefiting dubiously through contracts, now the the foolish wise man wants to fool us.

  6. These tumpists thought by saying their convention would be on the last weekend of March it was far. Its now 5 days away so this one should lead bu ecample and cancel ot first before making noise about the democracy conference


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