Munir Zulu, Mulenga Fube benefit from Lungu’s kasaka ka ndalama


Munir, Fube benefit from Lungu’s kasaka ka ndalama

FORMER president Edgar Lungu yesterday extracted a meagre K100,000 from his famous ‘Kasaka ka ndalama’ to help lawmakers Munir Zulu and Mulenga Fube from get freed from detention.

The two volunteered themselves as sureties for trouble maker Kaizer Zulu who has since fled and is in hiding.

After a frullitless search for the violent vagabond who once served as Lungu’s top political advisor, the Lusaka Magistrates court ruled that his sureties pay K50,000 each, the money they had committed to pay should he jump bail.

In this case, it is alleged that Kaizer between November 19, 2019 and March 25, 2022 in Lusaka unlawfully and without claim of right, personalised a government vehicle registration number GRZ 759 after he ceased to be a government employee.

The benevolent intentions of Zulu and Fube to help their problematic friend by signing his police bond has come to no good as they have had a stressful time combing through the corners of the city and country in search for Kaizer.

The vagabond went into hiding on May 9, 2023 after he was found with a case to answer by principal resident magistrate Sylvia Munyinya for breaching immigration rules, leaving his sureties in a fix.

When the matter came up for return of bench warrant before magistrate Mutinta Mwenya, the two sureties indicated that the warrant was not effected as Kaizer is still on the run.

Zulu and Fube requested to have a private meeting with the magistrate in chambers as they could not disclose certain information in open Court.

Following the private meeting magistrate Mwenye proceeded to hear other matters to the shock of journalists who were expecting to get more information from the sureties about Kaizer’s whereabouts after the meeting.

The journalists put their investigative skills to use and established that the two members of parliament were put in custody by the Court on a condition that they donate a K100, 000 to the Judiciary which they committed to pay if they fail in their surety duties.

Luck seems to have been on Zulu and Fube’s side as former president Edgar Lungu who accompanied his wife Esther for her theft case came to their rescue and footed the bill.

Lungu directed his Secretary General Raphael Nakacinda and Mumbi Phiri to see to it that his favourite boy was released before close of business.

Nakacinda rushed to the Bank to make payments whilst Brian Mundubile and some PF cadres camped outside the holdings cells feeding on ice lollies as there chattering raised Zulu and Fube’s hope of going home.

The two slipped away from from spending their weekend behind bars as Nakacinda managed to secure their release immediately the prison truck known as Kasalanga was parked outside the holding cell by law enforcers in readiness to pick up inmates enroute to their correctional homes.

Upon emerging from the holding cells the two were clasped by Mundubile and PF cadres who had gone to offer them solidarity.

The elated Zulu waved the Kasalanga driver goodbye after surviving by the skin of his teeth and later proceeding to Lungu’s home with Fube and fell to their knees before their master and expressed gratitude.

By Mwaka Ndawa



  1. What a bunch of “wooses” talk big but dont have ZMK 50,000 to their name.
    So in short these two admitted to being guilty?
    So are convicts or people who have committed a crime allowed to be in the house?
    Awe…me just asking. Cause it seems we cant be dishonouring the house with criminals or people that fail to up hold the very laws that they are making…. just asking?


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