Leaders in Eastern Province have distanced themselves from tribal remarks uttered by Lumezi Independent Member of Parliament Munir Zulu against the people of Bweengwa, Southern Province.

UPND Eastern Province Chairman Johabie Mtonga tells Byta FM Zambia in a statement that Easterners believe in One Zambia, One Nation and shall continue doing so.

Mtonga says in the spirit to rebuild and reunite Zambia, President Hakainde Hichilema has demonstrated development to all the 156 constituencies with equal amount of CDF from (25.7) million kwacha to ( K28.3) million kwacha and every Zambian is in a hurry to be part of it and change the face of Zambia.

He adds that it is unfortunate for a Law maker like Munir Zulu to speak tribalism against the people of Bweengwa in Southern Province as if he is representing the whole Easterners.

Mtonga says the ruling UPND in Eastern Province, will not allow such tribal remarks against anyone regardless of political affiliation or religion.

He says UPND will also not allow anyone to insult leaders and elders.

Mtonga advances that the UPND will instead encourage unity and love so that Zambia remains a beacon of peace on the African continet and beyond.

For more details, tune in to Byta FM 90.3/100.3/101.9


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