Lusaka.. Sunday, March 3, 2024 ( SMART EAGLES)

Traders at Munyaule market in Lusaka woke up to a rude shock as they found their stores destroyed.

One of the traders David Phiri says he has lost millions of Kwacha following the demolition.

Mr Phiri said he and other traders are shocked that their stores were demolished as the matter was still in Court.

He said in an interview with Smart Eagles that Lusaka City Council offered the the market to traders back in 2007 and issued them with offer Letters.

He said the matter has not been concluded in Court.

He also lamented that Notice of Demolition was NOT given to the traders.


  1. This kind of behaviour in our country is unpleasant not only to traders but to all Zambians.
    This not the first market to be demolished without notice.
    What kind of governance is that where you destroy citizens property without remorse surely.
    Am sure all the relevant authorities are aware of this unjustified move.

  2. He is probably going to privatise this market. I am sure a foreign white buyer is eagerly waiting to be given this land. How does he expect these traders to survive?

    It is as if Lucifer himself has sent his deputy to come cause havoc in our beautiful country. Only Lucifer can approve of the hardship his deputy is inflicting on poor Zambians.

    Vote wisely in 2026.

    • Sir, in my opinion I think you are just wasting your time and energy, always yapping about: “….Vote Wisely in 2026…”. He cares less whether or not he is voted out in 2026, don’t you have ears that he said “….he is ready to be voted out….”? Just continue campaigning, as you persistently do on daily basis, for your preferred President and Party. Your preferred President and Party will be unopposed in 2026, after all will you not only have one Presidential Candidate to field with all these Cocktails of Political Alliances that you are forming?

  3. It’s the court that ordered the demolition imwe ba galu. That was a private property and the owner won the case!

  4. This is what we want rule of law and not of appeasement. Even those who have built houses on illegal plots must be demolished. People must learn not to do illegal things.

  5. Why do people ignore notices of eviction from illegal trading places? Ati a trader says he has lost millions of Kwacha in goods destroyed. I did not know that among those marketeers were millionaires


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