Murder suspect picked while trying to commit suicide


Murder suspect picked while trying to commit suicide, Police say.

Police in Chipata have arrested the suspect who allegedly murdered his wife, a Teacher at Katopola Day Secondary School in Chipata.

Masautso Moyo who attempted to commit suicide is currently in police custody after being discharged from the hospital.

He was picked while trying to commit suicide.

Eastern Province Police Commanding Officer Limpo Liywalii told Breeze FM news that the suspect took some unknown drugs with the intention of committing suicide.

He says Moyo will be charged for the offence he committed.

Mr. Liywalii has advised couples not to take the law into their own hands but that they should learn to resolve issues amicably.

On Tuesday around 19:20 hours, Moyo allegedly confronted his wife Meya Thole on why she wanted to move out of the house of which she responded that she was ready for anything.

This made the suspect to start beating his wife until 22 hours and that at around 05 hours yesterday, the deceased asked for water to drink from her son and later her niece noticed that her aunt was discharging white liquid from the mouth.

Mr. Liywalii says the deceased was later rushed to Chipata Central Hospital where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

She sustained multiple bruises on the body with blood clots as a flexible pipe is alleged to have been used in the act.



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