Murdered Ndola priest spent last few hours with girlfriend


Murdered Ndola priest spent last few hours with girlfriend

MURDERED Ndola-based priest Father Deodatus Kunda Mbebe spent his last few hours at the house of his girlfriend Justina Luchele, according to his close friend.

Police on the Copperbelt have picked Father Mbebe’s girlfriend who is a nurse at Arthur Davies Hospital in Ndola.

It is reported that Father Mbebe was killed about 50 meters from Justina Luchele’s house who is believed to have been the girlfriend of the deceased, in Pamodzi Ndola.

On Saturday, September 17, Pamodzi VLV Police post in Chifubu received information of unidentified man who was lying in a pool blood with multiple wounds.

When the police rushed to the crime scene following the report, they found Father Mbebe, who they couldn’t identify at the time with multiple injuries lying facing upwardly besides a concrete block suspected to be the murder weapon.

The body of the deceased was later identified as Father Deodatus Kunda Mbebe aged 50 a Catholic priest at Kalumbwa St.Joseph Mission in Kalulushi district at Ndola Teaching Hospital by Muleba Simon aged 49, the area Councillor for Fibobe ward of Chifubu constituence was the deceased’s childhood friend.

Brief facts of the matter are that Justina Luchele on September 18, phoned Muleba to ask the whereabouts of the boyfriend.

However, Muleba was shocked that Luchele was looking for the Father when he knew for certain that his old buddy was supposed to be at his lovers residence because the priest visited him the previous day and informed that.

So the call from Luchele prompted him and he got concerned, and he followed up the matter by meeting up with the Father’s lover.

Luchele explained Muleba that Father Mbebe left her place around 16: 00 hours while driving her vehicle going to Ndola bowling club and never returned back.

Muleba then started a search party for his childhood friend checking for him at Franciscan Mission press at the Priest residence. However, he was not found untill he went to Ndola Teaching Hospital Mortuary alongside another father.

And reported the sad development to the police, and the police went to the mortuary for confirmation.

Copperbelt commanding officer confirmed the incident and stated that Luchele was picked up for interrogations.

By Moses Makwaya



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