Musa Mwenye, wife face arrest

Musa Mwenye SC

Musa Mwenye, wife face arrest over ‘trumped’ up charges

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) chairman Musa Mwenye and his wife Yande are facing arrest over what sources say ‘trumped up charges.’

Well placed sources have told Daily Revelation that Mwenye’s calls for a law to be enacted to compel Presidents and permanent secretaries to declare their assets annually has not sat well with powers that be in the UPND administration, and therefore charges are being raised against him and his wife to embarrass him and dent his standing with the Zambian public, and use that as a pretext to…


  1. This is what fake news looks like. Musa Mwenye will not be arrested, let alone his wife who never speaks regularly on public issues.


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