Mutinta Hichilema return K100,000, dissociate yourself from Investrust failures – Moyo


Mama Hichilema return K100,000, dissociate yourself from Investrust failures – Moyo

By Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone(The Mast)

MAMA Mutinta Hichilema you are a good, humble, reserved women, please return the K100,000 donation from the now closed Investrust Bank, appeals Joseph Moyo.

Recently, the Bank of Zambia announced taking possession of Investrust Bank PLC “with effect from April 2, 2024”.

“The possession of the bank has been necessitated by its insolvency. The Bank of Zambia has had numerous engagements with the shareholders to recapitalise the bank. Unfortunately, the shareholders have been unable to resolve the insolvency. Under the circumstances, the Bank of Zambia has had to exercise its authority under the law to safeguard financial stability and the interests of the public,” reads the notice in part.

The BoZ said it is also working with key stakeholders including the government on mechanisms for depositors not to lose any of their money.

“Therefore, depositors are hereby urged to remain calm as implementation of the resolution mechanisms are being worked upon. An announcement to this effect will be made as soon as the arrangements are finalised. During the possession period, the Bank of Zambia shall in accordance with the law prepare a statement of affairs of the bank and take any other action deemed necessary. The purpose of the statement of affairs is to establish the full extent of the insolvency of the bank and serve as a basis for the full resolution of the matter,” stated the BoZ.

On December 15, 2023 Investrust donated K100,000 to the first lady for her to in-turn donate to ophanages.

But Myo, who is the founder and president of The Africa Woman Foundation (TAWF), in a statement to The Mast said Mutinta should not be seen in the eyes of the worried depositors to be part of the bank’s problems but be part of the solution.

“Mama Hichilema, you are a good woman. A humble and reserved woman who is not involved in issues of politics. We at TAWF don’t want a spatter of blood to reach you because this bank closure does not look good in the eyes of the depositors. According to the Bank of Zambia one of the reasons the bank went under is because they could not meet their debts, meaning they had no capacity to donate K100,000,” he said. “If they could not meet their debt, then why make such a donation? So please Mama Hichilema it is morally right that you return the money through BoZ because we think the donation was being made in bad faith because they knew that they were struggling so why make the donation?”

Moyo said by returning the donated money the first lady will be disssociated from the failures of the bank.

He said in South Africa a bank known as VBS went under after giving a lot of donations to ANC and its leaders, and now the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is demanding that the money be returned.


  1. Upto now she has not returned the money?

    These are very bad manners.

    First ladies can be very greedy. Some even have their families owning mines, allegedly. Others gave 400k USD to their niece for safe keeping.

    • There is something seriously wrong with you.

      Did she know the bank was in dire straits when the money was donated? She mentioned the money will be used to help an orphanage etc. That was 4 months ago. If the money was spent, should her foundation go and reclaim from the orphanage it was spent.

      At least have some decency to not use everything for political mileage. You hate her husband, fine but what’s she got to do with Investrust and their financial implosion? People like you are what’s wrong with the level of political discourse in this country. All the flowery words you use cannot hide the maleficence of a deceitful rotten soul.

      Scum of the earth


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