MUTINTA Mazoka says it will be meaningless for the National Assembly to be full of UPND members of parliament if the party leader, Hakainde Hichilema, does not win the Republican presidency next year.

Mutinta is the Pemba UPND member of parliament and the widow of the opposition party’s founding president, Anderson Mazoka.

She spoke at a voter sensitisation rally graced by Hichilema in Pemba on Friday evening.

“Ikulilembya ku voota ncintu cipati maningi (registering oneself as a voter is very paramount). Tulilila president te (we’re crying to have a President, isn’t it)? Parliament yoonse iya tulakonzya yazula ba UPND (we can fill that parliament with UPND members),” Mazoka said.

“Pesi kuti kakunyina president taaku kulela (but if our party president does not win, we will not have ruled), ncabuyo (it’s meaningless). Mwanditeelela (do you hear me?)

She urged Pemba residents to vote for Hichilema on August 12 next year.

“All of you who have registered to vote, I ask that you go and vote for Hakainde Hichilema next year. There is a voter registration centre here in Pemba town where you can go and register as a voter even at night,” Mazoka electioneered.

“I was very disappointed last week on Wednesday when I went to register here in Pemba at night and found that there was no one on the queue.”

Mazoka further underscored that all those who are yet to register as voters ought to urgently do so.

“Go and register! Mutani kuyoowi misinzo (you should not be afraid of distances). Iku voota kwa mu 2021 mpaalele buumi bwenu (the 2021 elections will be a defining point for your lives). Mwanditeelela (do you hear me)?” stressed Mazoka.

For Hichilema, he told the huge gathering that: “kulela nkulemana nobana Pemba (to form government is seriousness business, people of Pemba).”

“Taali macece (it’s not child’s play). Inzala mung’anda ndumamba (having hunger in a home is like war),” he noted.

Hichilema reiterated that Zambians could not continue enduring socio-economic woes.

“We can’t continue living like this in a country that is rich with all sorts of resources. Change of government can be effected by voting, unlike just talking or forming a huge crowd such as this one,” he said, in Chitonga.

“But for you to be eligible as a voter, you must have an NRC and a voter’s card. Ngamakani ngindalonda kuno (that’s the topic that has brought me here). I and my wife are already registered as voters.”

Hichilema reminded the crowd that: “change of government lies in you having a voter’s card.”

“Takuli kwaana (it’s not like storytelling),” he said.

He insisted that: “kunyina cimbi ncindalonda kumwaambila nobana Pemba (there is nothing else I have come here for, people of People).”

“Ngo musalo ngundalonda (this is the issue I have come here for). Twapenga cabonwa (we have suffered enough). Tukapula bulelo (we’re seeking to form government). Jata noiluma (grab it, no matter how dangerous),” said Hichilema.

“Zambians across the country have accepted [to change the government]. It shouldn’t be you the people of Southern Province to believe otherwise because of petty lies from somebody. No! Simply go and register as voters!”


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