…members to return to the house after 30 days.

The National Assessment of Zambia has resolved to suspend 17 opposition Members of Parliament from the House for 30 days.

The suspension is with immediate effect for 16 MPs.

For Petauke MP, Emmanuel Banda, his suspension starts once his current 14 days suspension ends.

The resolution comes in the wake of the alleged misconduct of by the Members which happened last week.

Passing the Resolution, Speaker of the National Assembly, Nelly Mutti described the behavior of the lawmakers as unparliamentary and a breach of the house’s decorum and integrity.

Lawmakers last Wednesday protest against the Speaker for allegedly denying them an opportunity to speak.

This was after Kamfinsa MP Christopher Kang’ombe failed to abide to the guidance by the speaker on a point of order he raised.


  1. MPs are not honorable. They are the worst of the cadres. If they can behave in that manner what do you expect from other miscreants as Kalimanshi? Sic
    Speaker keep suspending them

  2. Only when they shall learn to humble themselves, things will be okay for them. Pride, arrogance and disrespecting the authority do not pay. They should learn and accept that things have changed, they are no longer in power and instead of controlling things, it’s them to be controlled.

  3. Rule of Law is hurting us. Could she not use the Riot Act to expel these hooligans and cleanse our parliament? My greatest disappointment is mama Nyirenda the Lundazi MP. I expected better conduct from her. Is her husband among those suspended? She did say he had been mentoring her for parliament in an interview sometime back.

  4. We should amend the Constitution and give the Speaker more powers to expel kantankerous and unruly MPs and ban such from Parliament for life!
    We need Decorum in Parliament!
    Some of the MPs our people brought to Parliament are a disgrace!
    Parliament is for mature persons with Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
    You can agree to disagree without getting emotional and personal!

  5. Good job, these animals are behaving exactly what they are lawless animals. The idiots are still in denial that the rule of law is what is expected in a democracy, not hooliganism and anarchy in the August House.

    We saw how the idiots starting with that stupid boy from Chipata and the other stupid boy from Kitwe demonstrated their stupidity in the house as if there are no standing orders.

    Let every dishonorable animal repent, otherwise they are on the way to STUPID SELF DESTRUCTION. STUPID IDIOTS.


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