Mwata Kazembe Has Appealed To Chief Mpezeni To Emulate Chief Mukuni



There has been a lot of anticipation about the meeting held over the weekend between Senior Chief Mwatakazembe and the opposition Members of Parliament in Mwansabombwe.

Information has emerged that central to the theme of the meeting was Mwatakazembe’s message of encouragement and support for the opposition and independent MPs.

During an unprecedented meeting which lasted for 8 hours, Mwatakazembe promised to bring onboard other Royal Highnesses to strengthen democracy by standing together in supporting the work and contribution of the opposition to provide checks and balances.

Those close to the development say the Mwata has since appealed to Paramount Chief Mpezeni to emulate Chief Mukuni in providing moral support and guidance to MPs representing his subjects in much the same manner Mukuni led the way to support the UNPD in opposition.

Apart from meeting Mwatakazembe, the MPs also met Chief Mwewa where the delegation appealed for support and unity among traditional leaders in supporting democracy.



  1. This Mwata needs to be careful. Chief Mukuni was not supporting HH for the sake of kith and kin. PF was clearly a rogue regime and caused us, the citizens, a lot of grief. It even detained his wife!

    If I remember correctly, this is the same Mwata who did not allow PF to campaign in his kingdom in 2011 because he was pro-MMD. When PF won the elections, he temporarily fled to Congo DRC.

    Now, he is back with the same kind of approach. Clearly the lesson was lost on him. I wonder what his agenda is. Definitely, it has nothing to do with encouraging the opposition to provide checks and balances.

  2. No matter how much we argue, the plain truth is that Chief Mukuoenly supported UPND. There’s nothing to defend on Chief Muk├╣ni. Whether PF was a brutal regime or not, Chief Mukuni was and is a supporter of UPND. If we have to correct what Chief Mwata Kazembe want to do let condemn Chief Mukuni for his political stance. For your information Chief MwataKaze rarely gives political statements, from UNIP time to today amd he is not uneasy pushover he has authority and strong command own his own. If Chief Mwata Kazembe is wrong today then even Chief Mukuni was also wrong what he did. No defence about it. It is time chiefs refrain from taking partisan politics. Zambia is bigger than one Chiefdom. It’s a bitter lesson to others chiefs who think they own Zambia and its a bad seed to let it grow.

  3. Chiefs can say whatever they like as them receive governance perks irrespective of party in government but they need to have wisdom when they they get political and understand that like in Tanzania government can abolish chieftains! Chiefs hold together those they lead who belong to different party alignments by choice and its beyond a chief’s position to order subjects to side with their chosen party! The report is third party sources thus I have my doubts about its truthfulness.

  4. Chief Mukuni supported the UPND to the latter& its worthy emulating him. Mwata Kazembe is actually, in order to call upon other Chiefs to ensure unwavering support of their local MPs, as well as democracy in general.

    Next, all regions must consider learning from the voting pattern of the people of southern province. Surely, there’s nothing wrong in how they do it weh


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