Mwata Kazembe saddened at the pressure by Ncwala organizers to exclude Edgar Lungu



Mwata Kazembe XVIII is a regular feature at the annual Ncwala traditonal Ceremony and usually flanks Paramount Chief Mpezeni.

However he reportedly to be extremely saddened at the pressure by organisers to exclude some guests including former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

He is considering to stay away from the ceremony!

Organisers say they have confirmation that President Hakainde Hichilema is attending as Guest of Honour. To this end they reportedly informed Zambia’s Sixth President that his presence may be polarising.


  1. With all due respect to our chiefs. I am beginning to question their role in our current dispensation. Rather than being repository of tradition and culture. They have become coerced or willing partners in advancing tribalism and regionalism for political ends. Others have become merchants of traditional land to all sorts dubious characters (Zambians included). Selling of huge tracts of land and displacing local villagers who cannot navigate the overly complicated system of getting title deeds. Even when one gets a permit to explore for minerals. One must get consent from local chiefs. Nothing wrong in principle. But this has now become a conduit for demanding bribes. Much like corrupt traffic police on our roads. Sure how can you be asking for bribes from someone who is spending/gambling his money to find something? Aren’t we we creating FEUDAL systems in these chiefdoms? If we find it offensive to have be conquered and colonised by the Europeans and arabs, Why should we celebrate conquest and domination of small ethnicities by fellow black/bantu people? These so called traditional ceremonies apart from being misplaced in terms of celebrating domination over others have become a discomforting political playground in our current multi party dispensation. A platform for reinforcing tribalism and regionalism year in year out. I would like to read opposing views.

  2. The only remaining Custodian of Customary Land is the Litunga of the Lozi people, you don’t mess around with him when it comes to land, the rest of our Chiefs, Land has become a personal “liquid asset” to them alone!! Late Julius Mwalimu Nyerere abolished Chiefdoms in Tanzania (so I hear) and encouraged one uniform Language:Swahili. Genius Guy, he was!!!

  3. That Kazembe18 or 800 is a simple PF cadre that benefited most from Lungu’s handouts. One of the selfish chiefs that think with their bellies first and foremost.
    So whether he attends or boycotts the Ncwala doesn’t really matter. It’s his choice and nobody will miss him anyway. Kazembe shouldn’t be allowed to overstress his little importance.
    The country goes on with or without him.
    It’s high time we let it be known that UPND and HH shouldn’t be held back by Kazembe’s friends including Edgar Lungu. That’s Kazembes baggage alone.

  4. I’m having difficulties to understand what the chief is alleged to have said. If it’s true, then it begs a question has what interest he has in the former president attending or not attending the N’cwala ceremony. For starters, he just a guest like many others so I don’t know where he gets the authority to demand whom the organizers should invite or not invite. Secondly, how did he know there is pressure not invite the former president to the invent? Is he part of the organizers of the event?
    Sometimes it’s important not make certain comments if you such high position like a chief.

  5. This looks like fake news by a PF symphasiser.

    We know where this Mwata’s loyalties lie but I doubt the genuineness of this article. Someone is just being mischievous.


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