MWATA KAZEMBE SPEAKS AGAINST POLITICS OF ARRESTS….as he hails the Socialist Party ideology



….as he hails the Socialist Party ideology

Mwansabombwe… Sunday, February 4, 2024 (SMART EAGLES)

Mwata Kazembe of the Lunda Speaking people has spoken strongly against politics of settling scores.

Mwata said when the country changed subsequent Governments, it was not agreed that there should be fighting, insulting and arresting each other.

He said Politicians should not go into politics with an agenda to enrich ourselves but must ensure ro prioritise service to the people.

He said Politicans must be receptive and avoid adopting the ‘know it all mentality.’

“When we are on the pitch, if your friend is on the opposite side, you mark them. Why are today’s politics poles apart and decisive. Politics of today should not be used to settle scores. What is needed is for the country to go forward. The country has never agreed to insult each other when they got independence,” he said.

The Mwata was speaking when a delegation from the Socialist Party led by their leader Dr Fred M’membe, Saturday, paid a courtesy call on him at his Palace in Mwansabombwe.

And Dr M’membe said a politician alone cannot manage to alleviate poverty.

He said the traditional and church leaders have a role to play in ensuring that poverty levels are reduced.

He said this is why the Socialist Party endeavours to see the traditional and Church leadership being involved in the governance system of the country.

Dr M’membe said this has worked in developed countries such as Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Norway where the traditional leadership take part in governance.

He said the governance system will be localised after 2026, and there will be no need for District Commissioners because the Chiefs will be playing that role.

“Even he Mining licenses , it is the Traditional leadership who will be issuing out. The Socialist Party will strengthen the laws that will protect the Traditional leadership. Each region must govern itself for the areas to develop with its own rules using the available resources. All the economic and social indicators in luapula are down. It even has the highest stunted Children.

“Insala ilasebanya. Very few people respect poor person. If we do not change the way we rule, poverty levels will continue to be high. A politician alone has failed to Govern this country,” he said.

In response, Mwata Kazembe noted that the Socialist ideology if well implemented can help transform the country.

He said politicians should be reminded that Zambia is for all and not a selected few.

The traditional leader said the power to rule was given to the traditional leaders until the politician came into.

He said the Colonial masters left some powers for the traditional leaders but that is non existent today.

“We cannot be a poor nation. Even if we are the least developed region, we need to get back to the drawing board and check what is workable,” he said.


  1. You are admitting that the president alone cannot alleviate poverty but why do you want HH to alleviate poverty alone? Are you not just contradicting yourself?

  2. HH said they had calculated using their 10 point economic plan. What has changed? When is 24:00 hrs for the dollar to come down, where are the K4s PF were stealing from each liter of fuel? Citizen, be realistic. Let themselves answer. Politicians are not trusted, including Mmembe.

  3. The Mwata’s key words have not been conveyed well!
    The Mwata said those in opposition must respect those in Authority. Opposition leaders should not say or do things that border on Lawlessness because once they break the Law, they will face arrest.
    When you get arrested, don’t start crying saying the arrest was political!
    All the Mwata says is let there be civility in politics! Put across your ideologies without using insulting language!
    We hope Mmembe has head … Kikikiki


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