MU 2021 someone akaimwena, says UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

Hichilema says he will use any opportunity available to speak the words of hope and help to the Zambian people.

Hichilema said this during the burial of Bertha Phiri, wife to Ndola district UPND chairman Joseph Phiri, in Ndola on Tuesday.

“The struggle for life is to ensure that we change the lives of the people. Go and get the registration cards. Vote in numbers and protect your votes this time. MU 2021 akaimwena (in 2021 he will see),” said Hichilema. “Ba Kopala (Copperbelt residents) the ball is in your hands. Work and work harder. I can say a lot and make a mistake. Ba Lusaka look at your friends. Mwenso nimfwa (cowardice is death), ba Lusaka (Lusaka residents) you have a lot of fear, but look at how ba Kopala (Copperbelt residents) have come out, strong and determined. 2021 kulopola ba mwakole (2021 we shall beat the ravens). It is just that we are on a funeral and mourning our mother. Let us remain focused.”

Nkwazi’s St Elizabeth Catholic Church Priest-In-Charge at Fr Gabriel Mapulanga said leaders in authority should always put the interest of the people they govern first.

In his homily during the funeral service, Fr Mapulanga told Hichilema to be visiting churches freely because he is a citizen of Zambia.

“This is a Church for everyone. People should be free to come here and worship. Let me say those in authority should put the interest of the people. We are all in service for the people. Put service of the people first,” he urged. “Mr Hakainde Hichilema, we are happy that you came here today. Come at any time you are in Ndola. Come and worship with us. This is your Church and these are our people.”

He said people should learn to live exemplary lives while still on Earth.

Fr Mapulanga said each one would have to account on how they served the people.

“In life, we need to be responsible and accountable of what we do. In leadership, we need to account for the people,” said Fr Mapulanga.

Kitwe district UPND chairman Elvis Nkandu said party members need to be strong because PF is not ready to hand over power, even if people reject them.

“If they refuse us rallies, these are the rallies at the funerals. Because they say the luck of a single man is found where people are divorcing. You use any opportunity that comes the way,” Nkandu said.

“So in Kitwe, we have a funeral so the next rally will be held in Kitwe. So president Hakainde Hichilema this is your province, move around and enjoy any stay wherever you are on the Copperbelt.”

Copperbelt chairman Elisha Matambo said the stupidity of threatening to arrest Hichilema should end now.

“This stupidity of all the time threatening a person with arrest, arrest this… I want to tell you that if Hichilema is not on the ballot, no one will be on the ballot. Be prepared for this,” said Matambo. “The Zambian people have spoken. I won’t be too much political. We are at a funeral. If the stupidity continues they will have themselves to blame.”


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