“We need to be candid with ourselves, we need to change”

We need to change and repaint and ask for forgiveness amongst ourselves as pf. This is because, am sure we must have injured one another when we were in power. Some people still think they have got authority they had when we were in power!

The issue of allowing nonsense in the party costed us, because some of us we had too much power and no one could touch us! We created groupings to support us individually on the position of presidency for 2026. Well we made sure that, others were humiliated at the hand of our cadres we created.

The question is who them was responsible for this mischievous in the party? My answer is, everyone who had a position in the party especially those who had influential ones are answerable! This call for repaintance and not to kill one another, because God allowed pf to come out of power for a reason. The ghost which has followed pf even in opposition is doing us more harm than good. Let’s stop it.

You can’t ignore the history of an organisation and expect your organisation to grow, no! A lot of members were not recognised because we were carried away with liars who just came with sweet talk. Not knowing those liars are used and they are political prostitute.

What we went through and still going through is as a result of carelessness in the party, the audacity of ignoring seniority in the party when it came for giving party positions and kept on rewarding liars who just came few years ago costed the pf. We made them big at the expense of those who suffered for the party.

Today most of those leaving pf are new ones because they are used. We ignored people like mulenga chiponde and because he has moved we again want to condem him. No we shouldn’t he is a politician he has to make his political move. Let’s be careful when ever we want to insult those leaving the party! Keep quite if you don’t know the person too well.

At the adoption some were not treated well and they are still around becausethey love the party! now check those who joined pf late and those who followed money, they were even given position and were comfortable, today where are they? They have gone and they are quite.

(Umulomo waba tolotolo watuletelela).

Don’t blame those who are going, we should blame ourselves as pf for allowing some gaps of disunity. Just wait you are yet to see big things happening. (Bambi Bacende) in politics they can’t stop nonsense of jumping from one party to the other.

This is why we have now every person wanting to become pf president without even being ashamed or to look at how long they have been in the party. (Bakatyetye mwenda mwalimwa)

Well, You can’t have the party without proper succession ladder. This is why everyone thought he or she would be the president of pf even when we had the leader in place, we tolerated it and it costed us if we all concentrated on organisation of the party, we could have been in a different situation. But those of us, who were given opportunities to save others in positions of the party and government, we took advantage and started organising our own people for presidency in 2026 instead of organising the party for 2021. See the results now! (Tuli mufilamba)

Well, we still seem not to learn instead of getting more united because we are spoiled from where we are coming from. (Nabu mulye mulye) we are more divided. We should not think that upnd are foolish to rule one term! After the pf convention expect more confusions if we are not careful, some of which will be funded by your number one enemy!

Eg why should we have groups because this one is supporting kambwili, this one mwamba, this one Mundubile or this one is for ecl to come back therefore the solution is to insult! Don’t you know that after conferences you will need everyone to support the winner? So, why insult your fellow member? Are we serious in pf?

In pf every one is free to give statements in the name of democracy! No it’s wrong we have people to give party policy statements,not everyone, a serious sign of confusion! We need to be termed.

We allowed people with no experience to be in key positions and now we have challenges because pf is in opposition and some of them don’t even know where to start from…! We need to be careful. We should not think upnd will let it go so easily like we did because of selfishness. Yes mistake can be there at the start in upnd but please let us know that they still have 4 years to go. Let us stop mischievous, let’s embrace one another and please let’s admit that we are in opposition. Amaka balipoka. S


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