(Smart Eagles)

Western Province Minister Richard Kapita says Mwinilunga is no longer regarded as a UPND stronghold because people have now turned to support the ruling party.

Speaking in Mwinilunga last evening, Mr Kaipta says the people in the area have rejected the UPND because it has nothing to offer.

“They are tired of being promised things which are not even actualising,”he says.

“They have realised that it is only the PF who can change their lives,”.

Mr Kapita who is a resident of Mwinilunga, says the people have seen that His Excellency President Dr Edgar Changwa Lungu is delivering, this is why they have now rallying behind him.

Mr Kapita says His Excellency President Lungu has already done whatever the so called biggest opposition political party is promising to do.

The minister says the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has been saying he will fix things once voted in power, when the Head of State has already done that and people’s livelihood is improving.

“They are saying that they will fix, what are they going to fix when President Edgar Lungu has already fixed,”he says.

He assured the Head of State that come August 12, people in the area will take him back to State House.



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