my body isn’t for prison, that’s why I faint when I’m arrested- Kambwili



  1. It’s a pity that your body reacts like that. People go to prison to reform or get punished for their acts. One would expect someone with a body that behaves like that to also train his mouth not insult or defame others and follow the laws religiously. For failing to teach your mouth to behave unfortunately you need to go and save your time in prison. That will teach you a lesson before you open your mouth carelessly. And that’s the purpose of prison. Now that you’ve personally put it there, I am sure you will be getting maximum sentences, as you’ve made known that you do it deliberately.

  2. It would be intriguing if you shared a story about someone specifically designed for prison use, shaking my head. Just so you’re aware, prisons are intended for those who violate the law, and currently, you’ve committed an offense, making you a suitable candidate for prison. For now, accept the consequences without deluding yourself into thinking you’re superior to a prisoner from Chibolya. Deal with it and follow the rules.


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