Hon. Petersen Zagaze
Hon. Petersen Zagaze

My dad died in 1990
My mum died in 1997

I have switched homes my entire life. I once almost slept at stanley bar in Lusaka city with my bag of clothes, books and shoes in the middle of the night because I practically didn’t have anywhere to go.

Some people try to hurt my feelings by saying I am a failure, you should have seen me when I was one, it would have satisfied your desires…

From December 2003 to November 2005, non of my ‘family members’ knew where I was staying, what I was eating, where I laid down my head every night.

Without parents breathing on my neck, I have individually taught myself how to stay way from cigarettes, alcohol and any sort of drug abuse.

Today I am so PROUD of what I have become.

I am Honorable Apostle Petersen Zagaze BANDA….

Mukubesa Mundia


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