For the past few weeks I have never been at peace. PF members they have been following me, asking me to join PF.

Last week I was almost taken, but my heart told me, don’t do an evil thing like this one.
To cut my long story, One of my best friend who is a well known UPND radio caller called Me on a Phone, He said Comrade come we meet, then I said what is it Comrade, He just insisted to say you just come, knowing that He is a good friend of mine that’s how I complied, and followed Him. When I reached at the place He called me to meet Him, I found a 4×4 unregistered Toyota Hilux, then He said Comrade Come inside the vehicle, then I said no! Why should I come inside the vehicle? He insisted to say just come, I also stood on my ground saying why should I come inside the vehicle, after realizing that I will not get inside the vehicle, the friend of mine came out and the other one who was driving that unregistered vehicle also came out.

Then my Friend introduced the guy they were together with to me, then I just realized that He was a fellow PF radio caller.

After knowing each other I agreed to get inside his Vehicle, and that’s how we started charting. After having a lengthy chart on how we attack each other on radio, I asked him why He was meeting us, that Comrade said you guys we want you to join us and Start supporting PF. If you want a job or money just tell me……. Then I looked at him saying…. Comrade do I look like Tropicals? Why are you saying so He said?.. I’M not bought like tropicals on a market I responded.

After that, that’s how I told the one who called me to say Comrade I don’t participate in such things, if you want to remain here me I have gone. That’s how I left that place and a friend of mine also followed me.

As we go towards 2021 expect more of such things, and only the strong one’s will overcome.

Ndine mwana Wa Hakainde Hichilema I’m not bought like tropicals.

UPND principled Ward Councillor


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