“My heart bleeds. We must end this hypocrisy- Edgar  Lungu


Ask not whom the bell tolls for – EDGAR LUNGU


By: Isaac M Nsoneka

Former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu wants the current government of President Hakainde Hichilema to march their words with action regarding the rule of law.

Following his visit to Martin Mbaya who was detained at KABWATA Police Station in Lusaka and later released with only a ‘warn and caution’ statement recorded after spending three nights in filthy police cells, President Edgar Lungu, a lawyer by profession, bemoaned Martin Mbaya’s arrest without formal charges and described it as disgrace to a democratic nation like Zambia.

“It is a disgrace” President Lungu repeatedly said.

“At the moment we are busy saying our leader is among the top five Presidents in Africa, we are being told he is governing according to the rule of law, we are perfect on human rights but what is happening? How can you disrupt church proceedings to pick out a suspect whom you haven’t established the criminality against! Break into his house in the manner we are seeing, shows you that we have lost it completely” said Dr Lungu.

While expressing deep concern with the way rights of citizens are being suppressed, Former President Lungu said, “my heart bleeds. We must end this hypocrisy”

We must end this hypocrisy of proclaiming one thing while doing the other which is totally opposite” President Lungu said.

President Lungu said Zambians must remain vigilant, “and not remain silent keep talking.. wake up and speak against abuse.

Today it’s Martin Mbaya, yesterday it was Hon. Lubinda. Tomorrow, it could be any one of you fellow Zambians. I think it’s important that we see what is happening to others and know that the bells tolls for us next time”

Martin Mbaya a PF member, known to be an associate of the former President, was forcefully removed from church in Nyumba Yanga area during Sunday service in the presence of his wife, children and other congregants of Lusaka’s Bethel Christian Centre when they could have easily sent a call out to him.

This incident has sparked widespread concern regarding the state of law enforcement and civil liberties in the country.

As concerns of rising abuses rise, President Edgar Lungu also beseeched the international community to watch Zambia’s shrinking democratic space.

The former Head of State believes Mbaya is not the last victim in the current government quest to quel voices of perceived dissenting voices.


  1. These actions are sickening, I conclude this man is a hardcore sadist, who rules by fear and cowbeating the citizenry.
    One thing shocking he was present when the whole world booed you before an international audience, him it will be times two.

  2. 3 months after Hakainde got elected, ECL came out in the open and called him a big hypocrite. At the time, I thought ECL was totally bonkers and just bitter, and i blogged here to air my dusgust.

    I was wrong, and for this, I apologise unreservedly.

    ECL was very correct. He had intelligence to suggest that we had elected a fraud. A conman.

    Vote wisely in 2026.

  3. Look at who’s talking, what a sadistic hypocrite! During your with your gestapo police you brutalized citizens if this country, locked up several citizens for many months without any charges. Better to keep quite as your continued rantings are sickening. You’re a former president and that’s all you are for now.

  4. You say filthy police cells. How clean were the cells during your time? Do you rember what the state of the cell you had HH thrown onto at Mukobeko?

  5. I was one of the several Zambians who tried to discourage this your ECL from getting back into active politics but alas, he did not listen. Today he is like a RABID DOG. Niku sabaila-sabaila chabe. It’s not that easy to lose political power especially the Presidency.

  6. Can any wise man vote for Lungu? This man is evil, there is nothing good in him, what is 3 days compared to 8 days at Lilayi in a room smeared with human feaces? And how may people are being detained or have been detained at Lilayi? May be you also need to betaken there one day and see how you will like it. We regretted to have a president like you, unless you repent my dear, hell is waiting for you.

  7. Mr. Lungu, you are the epitome of hypocrisy. Your PF took the nation to an all time low which will be difficult to equal.

    Your regime was brutal in its plunder of the National treasury and treatment of perceived enemies. Wearing anything red was an open invitation to your thugs to dispense a severe beating.

    A lot of people died at the hands of your brutal Police Force spurred on by Bonny “the bone breaker” Kapeso. It is a wonder he has not been indicted for some of the brutalities he oversaw.

    Mr. Lungu, you have no shame to even talk about a dictatorship under the current regime. Our freedoms are ten times better now than under your reign.

  8. A man who once said that I can fall like tone ofpan bricks and I move with big stick what a fool former president.If your government was better why you declared state of emergency???? Violence it was allover the country no dressing red regalia for other political party.edgar lungu you are very stupid.


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