My message to my brother, friend maybe and President of the Republic Hakainde Hichilema- Dr Moono


My message to my brother, friend maybe and President of the Republic Hakainde Hichilema …*

by Dr Moono.

Your Excellency.

Your attitude towards most freedom fighters or foot soldiers is pathetic.

I dont know where you derive that confidence from when you should be aware that you never voted for yourself to be in that seat.

Your Excellency you have ignored most of us who were with you physically and also in the background with you.

Remember how i coordinated all Seer 1 appearances as a go between as you didn’t want to be seen to be involved? Now you can’t even let Seer 1 fly in and out of Zambia.

As a highly qualified specialist in health you decided to keep NPF appointed Directors like your relative Dr Kennedy Lishimpi, Dr Sylvia Chila, Dr Jellita Chinyonga . Dr George Sinyangwe etc and many more others . Where is your conscious my brother? You have been given alerts of and on different fronts but us seems you dont just care. Do you know the consequences of you lose the election in 2026?

If you move around the Zambia communities including ghettos all that people are talking is that Edgar was far better than you and he is needed back into office. Do you understand the consequences of your abandoning the party? Ask yourself how you got where you are now without the party and poor people that voted en mass not for you but for UPND as a protest against the brutally of NPF under Lungu?

Lungu had promised to arrest, jail and probably kill you on his post immediate victory so Zambians decided to save your life hence voting Lungu out.

So what is this where in your government is just all about nepotism, regionalism persecutions, etc? Why have you decided to betray your own troops and dine with questionable characters.?

Let me inform you sir that not only Lungu but any opposition figure winning elections in Zambia today or any other day God forbid, they wont even respect the Law but will come out guns blazing after you.

I thought you were very analytical until now that i realize there is a very big problem.

Lastly but not least all the NPF people you have kept in embassies denying our people jobs same like in government departments back home willl come to haunt you my boss and you will be on your own. All those corrupt elements around you will vanish in thin air..

I know you don’t like knowledgeable people like Mr Innocent Matyola, Martha Mushipe etc but these are the people that can stand with you. We know u like those money lovers in your kitchen cabinet. Your position sir is above board an doesn’t need pettiness like when we were in opposition.

Now deal directly with Seer 1 not through me as you have betrayed both and many others . Bye

Dr Moono.


  1. You are not Moono I know you are a pretender among pretenders. You never voted for HH and what I know is that you are a PF stooge and full time hallot of politics

  2. Useless article from a very foolish person who doesn’t even want to reveal his true name and he thinks all the people are foolish like him. Apart from those who rig, all presidents are elected by people, does this foolish man think it’s only him or only the youths voted for HH? From his article, you can easily tell that he is not Moono and he is not even UPND, in UPND we don’t have such people. He can go to hell or to his PF, come 2026, ifwe ni forward with Bally.


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