My Phones have been seized since Monday. Efforts to get them back has not been successful -Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba


By  Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

My Phones have been seized since Monday. Efforts to get them back has not been successful! 😔

Good day. I’m trying to reclaim my Facebook Page.

This is what led to the seizure of my phones by officers from the State.

I received a distress call after midnight.

The call was both distressing, concerning but also elating.

Abducted Petauke Central Member of Parliament, Hon. Emmanuel JayJay Banda was discovered at some house on the road to Kafue Boys Secondary School.

Circumstances of his abduction and discovery remained murky.

I was informed that Hon. Banda was being rushed to Kafue General Hospital.

As I was preparing to rush to Kafue, I was informed that he may be evacuated to Maina Soko or University Teaching Hospital and it was best to wait in Lusaka.

In the dead of the night, people switch off phones or remain unavailable.

I guess because it’s time to sleep and rest.

Only Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Hon. Brian Mundubile was awake and now coordinating the efforts for us to see JayJay.

We soon met at the University Teaching Hospital.

A high-level security team led by Lusaka Police Commissioner, Creto Kaanza, had already mobilised to probably secure the most prized state asset that night.

Fear, political tensions and deep worry for the life and safety of JayJay Banda had engulfed the country.

Therefore, this came as good news that could bring partial relief to the country.

We began to learn of differences. The family members that had joined JayJay in Kafue were unwilling to get him to a government hospital.

We learnt that an altercation had ensued at Kafue General Hospital after medical staff conducted initial test and treatment.

While the Police wanted to put JayJay in an ambulance and drive him to Lusaka, the family refused and put him in their vehicle where they improvised a medical ved with mattresses and began to drive him to Lusaka in hot pursuit by the Police.

This chase was so intense that one vehicle of the family members was bumped off the road and overturned.

A new crisis ensued to ensure that those involved in this accident were safe and uninjured.

While we waited around 03;00hrs at the University Teaching Hospital, we just saw the Police Commissioner and his team jump in their Toyota Landcruisers and sped off.

While we were wondering what it was, a family members called us that they had arrived at Medlands Hospital and JayJay was being examined in the Emergency Bay treatment room.

When we arrived at the Hospital,there was commotion with a larger contingent of Police officers cordoning off the entire Hospital, restricting entry and securing the area.

With the family, we found Nkana Indendepent MP, Hon. Binwell Mpundu and Lumezi Independent MP, Hon. Munir Zulu were at the hospital.

The fight from Kafue General Hospital continued with the Police Commissioner and his team insisting that the patient must be evacuated to a government facility despite the strong protestation from the family members.

Medlands medical staff refused this Order insisting that they had a primary duty to treat the patient and establish his medical status and could only release him after this.

You must have seen these videos of the altercation and chaos.

I tried to use my diplomatic skills to calm the situation and attempted to negotiate a win-win outcome for the patient,the family, Medlands Hospital and the Police led by Commissioners.

Hon. Mundubile, Hon. Binwell Mpundu and myself wee shuttling among the parties and we tried had to calm a volatile and highly charged atmosphere.

After initial observation, the doctor ordered that CT Scan be done and JayJay be moved to the diagnosis labs on the other side of the hospital.

This immediately became a flash point with the Police Commissioner ordering his team to seize the patient as he left the emergency treatment room on his way to the diagnosis centre.

His orders were clear, seize and and evacuate.

A Maina Soko Medical Centre ambulance had arrived by this time accompanied by their medical team.

After intense negotiations and shouting matches from all parties, it was agreed that the patient be moved from the Emergency Treatment Room to the Scan room.

At this stage, the patient was complaining of a lot of pain underneath his feet, under his armpits, around both sections of the ribs and his tongue had a cut and was swollen.

When he was taken to the Scan Room, the Police Commissioner informed us that his instructions were now very clear and this was now a matter for no further negotiations.

He ordered the removal of JayJay Banda from the CT scan room to the waiting ambulances outside.

Mundubile and I moved over to try to negotiate this seemingly impossible development.

Police Commissioner said he had his orders and he was no longer in the mood to discuss this matter any further.

“No medical tests will be done here” he flatly informed us.

Another heightened altercation emerged with JayJay’s sisters guarding the door and refusing to budge.

Police Commissioner advised that at this stage, authorities needed their medical personnel from Maina Soko Medical Centre to be involved and be present with the patient.

This was easy to negotiate and the paramedic from Maina Soko Medical Centre was allowed to be in the Scan room.

Shortly after, things got extremely volatile when a team from the C5 ( Anti robbery Unit) and State House security detail arrived.

The squad leader just ordered that the “asset” be removed from the premises without fail.

It became riotous and brutal as the officers lifted the girls manning the door, pushed them out of the way and threatened the Hospital Nursing Director with immediate arrest and her please that “this is my patient being treated under my hospital” were totally ignored.
I saw the white lady’s face go red and with resignation called out; “Open the door”.

The door swung open and the Police officers rushed in and surrounded the bed.

They began to push it outside despite the pleas from the patient and all of us.

The scene was extremely violent and ugly to witness and the authorities.
A stand-off at the ambulance ensued and protesting family members were beaten, removed and Hon. Munir Zulu lifted out to a waiting car.
I saw phones being grabbed from whoever was capturing the ugly scene.
I just saw 3 officers surround me and forcibly begin to get my phones.
I didn’t resist. I gave them.
I didn’t even know the names of the officers who had taken my phones.
It was now

05:30hrs,JayJay was taken to Maina Soko Medical Centre.

This the second time that the Police had taken my phones. They still haven’t returned my phones they took in June 2023!

Is it a crime to film a crime?


    • 2.1 PF LOSERS FOR 2.1 PF IDIOTS you are hallucinating. Your PF Kelenkas wanted to create fake stories at a private hospital to accuse government. P*ny pako daddy!

  1. We are eagerly awaiting a psychiatrist’s findings and the conclusion of the matter. At least Maina Soko has told us he has no injuries whatsoever — internal or external.

    • Have you ever heard of PTSD? It affects toture victims as in JJ’s case.This is common in countries like Russia. Some victims are even murdered.Have ever heard of Alexei Navalny?

    • Muna Kaliba you are very stupid for accusing the government of abduction. Your fellow PF criminals abducted JJB iwe chimbwi.

    • When you aptitude is so low that you lack the ability to read and follow matters rationally. You make comments like this. Investigations are going on as to who “abducted” Jayjay. From has been reported so far. Jay Jay suffered NO INJURIES. He went to the expensive hospital, that the family insisted on. Why are they giving us a statement? Mina Soko has. He has no internal injuries or external. So all that wailing was just a staged show.

      Let him tell us if those notes were authored by him. Why would he be driving from home to home at an akward hour. The statements uttered by his wives and reported in the media are they false? As they have not been refuted?
      Make statements based on facts. Dont come here to be a mouth piece for your handlers…

  2. Mwamba who are you crying to? That Phone has been and is a tool at the criminality that you ply.

    Who gave you the personal appointment letter that you published on this media (ZO)? Mapani’s relative rights were violeted in your quest. How did you get the letter marked “Secret” addressed to a person from state house? Is that not breaking the law?
    Public record, such as the Shareholding of Companies; is available at a fee; when a search is done. But your zeal to bring down government by breaking the law is wrong.
    Its that “all and any means” attitude that has led law enforcement to get your phone. If its found that it doesnt have any material that connects you and those who are conspiring to undermine and cause trouble to the law. You will get you phone back. Beside even if you get it back it could contain malware and you will still throw it way. So way are you making nouse about a tool you use to commit the crimes I have stated? Just those two are crimes

  3. This is typical of PF!
    Disorder is their modus operandi!
    We have not forgotten this is a terrorist organization every Patriotic Zambians participated in booting out and never to return again!
    Here is what we have gathered from this alleged abduction fiasco!
    ECL is the mastermind of seditious and subversive acts to distanilize Zambia, paint government black, make Zambia ungovernable so that he can fulfill his own prophecy that President Dr HH will not reach 2026!
    After safely evacuating Chilufya Tayali to a “safe place” to continue making YouTube noise, the next thing was to evacuate JJ to Mozambique via Zimbabwe. After realizing that Security was on high alert, they realized they could not proceed beyond the Kafue Security checkpoint, hence aborting the entire exercise and using the road to Kafue Boys as the a dumping site.
    Whatever his next scheme is, ECL will be arrested for high treason without any further room for more drama!
    If he is wise, this is where you stop but knowing Snakes, they have no self-restraint!
    Let us just say whoever is planning evil for Zambia, please know it will never work!
    Just behave yourselves!


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