Dr. Fred M'membe


Mr Jones Mupishi, a UPND cadre and praise singer’s attacks on me for my position on the Barotse Agreement of 1964 seriously lacks fact and reasoning.

To accuse me of being against Nkoyas and Mbundas can only be a product of not knowing my ethnic composition or simply outright malice, which is typical of UPND cadres.

Here are the facts about my ethnic composition:

My mother’s maternal grandmother, Nchenga Liyamine, was a granddaughter of Mwene Kahare, the Nkoya chief of Nkeyema. Nchenga’s paternal grandfather was a Toka-Leya man, Munalula, from Kalomo. Even the name Nchenga is Toka-Leya.
Nchenga’s father, Liyamine Mulemwa, was Kwangwa from Kakulo Village in Ikabako, Luena Constituency, Limulunga District.

My mother’s maternal paternal grandfather, Ndiyoyi Mubuyaeta, was the son of Ndiyoyi Nawa, a grandson of Mulambwa – the 10th Litunga. Ndiyoyi became Lewanika’s Mukulwakashiko. Ndiyoyi’s mother was Totela from Bwina, in Mulobezi.

My mother’s paternal paternal grandfather, Sishuwa cha Kabamba, was a son of Mwene Kandala, the Mbunda chief at Yuka, Mabumbu in Mongu ( the same family with Mwene Mundu at Liumba in Kalabo).

My mother’s paternal maternal grandmother, Lungowe Wainyae, was Kwamwenyi, mixed with Kwamashi, originating from Silayi Village in Liuwa, Kalabo but settled in Namboma Village in Namitome, Luena Constituency in Limulunga District and Samba Village in Tungi on the Barotse plains. This is where I get the Kwamwenyi name of Nyambe, and not Namakando. Although Namakando is a very important name in my mother’s family, I am not Namakando – I am Nyambe (named afternoon my grandfather).

Briefly, this is my mother’s side and she is still alive.

Given this background, how can one sensibly accuse me of being against Nkoyas, Mbundas and other ethnicities in Bulozi?

My father’s side is Bemba and Bisa.
My grandfather, Mukuka, was the son of Mwika Mukulu, the chief at Mwika RoyalVillage, Nkulungwe, Chinsali ( now part of Shiwang’andu District) – the brother to Mukuka Mfumu and Chanda Mukulu, the two main mothers of the key Bemba chiefs.

On her maternal maternal side, my grandmother, Mulenga Makumya, was the granddaughter of Kapota, from Kapota Village, Chambeshi, Malole Constituency in Mungwi District. Mulenga’s father, Makumya, was Bisa from kwa Makumya in Mpika.

On maternal paternal side is kuli ba Tembo, next to Ba Mama Ba Lenshina’s Kasomo Village, some eight kilometres from Chinsali Boma. And I carry my grandmother’s name of Mulenga.

In brief, this is my father’s side.

Like I said earlier, creating small Bantustans will take us nowhere at a time when we are seeking more and more integrations in the Pan- African spirit. This is what I truly believe in, and I don’t claim to have the monopoly of wisdom.

That said, I invite anyone with knowledge, fact and experience to join in and reason with us on this very important matter.

We leave malice, ethnic and emotional driven discourse to those without facts and knowledge about the matter.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. And reason is not fact Mr. Mmembe.
    Its sad that everyday you seem to use your reason aka logic to utter non sense for political mileage, side stepping facts.
    There was a baroste agreement but there is no barosteland.
    Why would you want to bring this debate and encourage misfits that want to agititate for the recreation of Barosteland? Those chaps that want to come on Youtube and utter the non sense someone has written down for them dont have the ability to speak without what has been written down. The said Press junket, did not have any credible journalist to question their position. So who are they really addressing? Free speech? In aid of what Ba Mmembe? Behave like an adult. In aid of what? Spliting a country? Then what? The Socialist Partt will do what when they come into power? Split Zambia? How retrogressive and immature is such a notion?

  2. The day Mmembe speaks the true is the day Armageddon arrives. He does not even know how it sounds like.ubufi bwalifulisha!!h

  3. So what if Zambia is split. Zambia was just formed by a group of people and it can also be split by a group of people and there is no problem there. Sudan was once one big country today there is Sudan and South Sudan – two different countries. There is no harm at all.

  4. M’membe idiot, you have to throw your education papers in the bin and concentrate on having back to back intimate as your usual custom,instead of you unifying the country you’re busy advocating for it’s division what kind of a useless leader are you, I think you deserve a treasonous charge so that there in jail you’re vanished by your colleague who doesn’t tolerate these nonsense you’re talking about idiot

  5. Mmembe thinks Zambians are stupid. I mean he thinks zambians especially lozis, mbundas, nkoyas, tongas, bembas & bisas are so dull & foolish that he will throw around fake names and lineages and all will salute him. This chief tribalist who wants to eat the cake and have it won’t succeed. This is the information age. No one has monopoly of information to misinform the zambian masses.


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