Milcs Sampa has made efforts to stitch lies together in his article “Wynter Kabimba
was so close to become President of Zambia yet too far”.

Now here are the facts:

1. I did not form any political party after my brief membership in the MMD but joined Dean Mung’omba’s ZADECO in 1996 where I met Mbita Chitala, Chulu Kalima, Azwell Banda and other Zambian intellectuals of that era.

2. I was personally invited into PF by Guy Scott and not Sata in 2006 and not 2008 as Sampa states.

3.Given Lubinda was fired by Sata for allegedly leaking information to the US Embassy on an item which was still under discussion by the Cabinet. He was then charged by Sata under the party’s disciplinary rules. The chairman of the disciplinary committee which heard Given’s case was ECL
and the committee in its report recommended for his expulsion from the party for gross misconduct. I persuaded Sata against taking such drastic action against Given and he was instead slapped with a suspension by the Central Committee.

4. GBM resigned his position as Minister of Defence while in Kasama after his visit to HRH Chitimukulu which riled Sata who had a beef with the Paramount Chief which I never personally understood until later.

5. I did not contest any elections in 2006 as alleged by Sampa against Sata or anybody
as records at ECZ would ecasily show.

6. At no time did l go tomy village with the presidential motorcade. This was the lie which Sampa and his northern clique sold to Sata in a bid to push him to fire me. I went to
Nampundwe Secondary School to make a a donation of books to the school library which I had collected from some well-wishers.

7. After I received news about my dismissal while in Solwezi on 28th August, 2014, I flew back to Lusaka on the Proflight Airline and one of the passengers on the flight was Nixon Chilangwa. I never used a Power Tools bus as Sampa states and my loyal and faithful driver Chikumbi never abandoned me. Those who travelled with him would confirm this.

8. Yes, Miles Sampa came to my house. His mission was to lobby me to speak to the Sata family to endorse him as the PF candidate during the 2015 general conference which later took place in Kabwe. Sampa failed to get even 100 supporters to file his nomination papers.

10. In June 2013, 1 won an election in Sudan as President of the newly established Council of African Political Parties which was composed of delegates from 35 African Countries. Compare this with Matero Constituency.

11. At no time did I ever discuss any partnership with ECL for any position in PF. Yes. I supported him in 2016, but this was on principle.

12. Miles Sampa himself attempted to establish a political party known as UDF whose grave you cannot find anywhere today as his dismal failure to organise the party
made him crawl back to PF to eat his vomit. He cannot be my candidate even in hell.

How interesting that all those involved in the PF conspiracy against me continue to receive divine punishment in one way or the other. Some have died while others have permanent seats in the courtrooms wilting and looking pale beyond recognition. I draw comfort from Shakespeare’s line, “” Some by sin rise, some by virtue fall”.



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