My seven (7) Expectations of critical issues to be addressed by HE President HH in his Friday’s Presser- Andyford Banda

Andyford Banda
Andyford Banda

Andyford Banda writes:

My seven (7) Expectations of critical issues to be addressed by HE President @HHichilema in his Friday’s Presser

1. Kwacha
Detailed explaination of short, medium and long term measures that the government is taking to curtail the continuous depreciating Kwacha. Any deliberate policy?

2. Mines
Plans to boost production next year. Including progress on KCM, MCM with details of agreements and detailed profile of investors especially for MCM in the wake of the enactment of the ATI bill. What’s the deliberate plan for Zambians to own mines to keep dollars in Zambia and invest profits locally to spur job creation/boost spending? Conclusion on Chingola mine accident and measures to avoid such in the future. Any hope for “illegal miners” to get real jobs or improve their working conditions as per campaign promise 2 plus years after ?

3. Drought
Detailed alternative/proactive plans in place in the face of climate change to deal with looming drought which has posed risk both to food security, energy, water plus any other.

4 Tribalism
Message of assurance of government’s commitment to foster unity and peace and strong warning to those pushing tribal agenda for selfish motives. Assurance that opportunities and challenges will be shared equally without any bias including political affiliation i.e. Land Minister Dr. Muchima’s utterances.

5. Foreign/Domestic Policy
An assurance that in 2024 foreign trips will be cut by 75% and focus will be on domestic policy to also cut down on costs. What’s mended is mended what’s not is not. Solutions are in our backyard.

6: Debt restructuring
Clear update on discussions between official and private creditors to reach deal for the long awaited Zambia’s debt restructuring program. Is politics at play ? Is Zambia being used as a pawn in politics between East and West looking at the fact that Zambia has clearly aligned with West while heavily indebted to China which may have angered Beijing? Is it time to change foreign policy to demonstrate non alignment and maybe China won’t mind too much the Comparability of Treatment principle ? Will China trust the move ?

7. Hope
What hope lies ahead in the face of various challenges facing the country, for businesses that are struggling, for the millions of unemployed youths, for the households grappling with the high cost of living, for the local/foreign investors frustrated with the inefficient government systems, for the Zambians dismayed at some politics at play such as perceived government wasting time meddling in PF wrangles, Land Minister’s statement of prioritizing UPND cadres for land, musicians/artists who feel left out when a small group of musicians are given audience for artists matters when in fact those invited are friends of the ruling party plus many others? What message of hope is there for the Zambian people going in 2024 which will clock 3 years of UPND by August 2024.

What are your expectations people ?


  1. I have switched off from Hakainde…There’s nothing exceptional which will come out from this man . Yes there will be noises on CDF , and the recruitment of civil servants, which every government does… beyond that it’s just his businesses and the destruction of PF. Next week it’s 2024..and the man can’t give any hope.
    Last year he talked about removing rigidities. But who is Really rigid? A person who is destroying government institutions just to destroy PF to me is the one who is rigid. And his rigidity Will destroy Zambia.

    • Hahaha. It is not me iwe.

      You really think I am the only Zambian fed up with conman Hakainde?

      You are now in the minority. We are all very disappointed by this cowboy Hakainde.

  2. Welcome back Andy. Where have you been, Bro? I missed your objective and maturity in your approach to national issues. And your civility sets you apart. Even when you seriously don’t agree with your political opponents, you have never used foul and sarcastic remarks such as calling them conman, small god or cowboy. You also do not look at your political colleagues with tribal or regional eyes. You have never expressed hatred or malice towards anyone in your political discourse. You are a real son of the soil.
    Zambia is for all of us, Andy. No one tribe or region has any right to exercise hegemony over other tribes or regions. This should have been on your list of expectations as well.

  3. A press conference is not a state-of-nation address. It’s improper to expect major policy pronouncements during a press conference. Policy pronouncements are normally tied to legislation. Since there’s no new legislation produced at a press conference, do not expect major policy decisions at a press conference.


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