By Sean Tembo – PeP President

1. The President said he will allocate more resources for relief food. However, he failed to specify how much exactly will be allocated for this purpose. Is it K3 billion, K5 billion or K10 billion? Without being specific, the President’s statement does not mean much and is empty rhetoric.

2. Requesting farmers to plant now and use irrigation? Where will the water come from? The previous Government had a program to build dams across the country, why has the current administration halted this program?

3. FRA community sales of maize has commenced in Livingstone where mealie meal price is K320 and not Eastern Province where mealie meal is K460 per bag in Lundazi. Why the inconsistency?

4. Inherited a huge debt using what measure? Because the rate of debt contraction of $3bn per annum by UPND administration is far higher than that by previous regime. If the previous regime was borrowing at the rate the UPND administration was borrowing, the external debt upon leaving office would have been $26 billion and not $11 billion that it was in August 2021.

5. All finance and economic crimes to be prosecuted within 5 months per new laws passed? That will undermine the fight against corruption instead of enhancing it. If the magistrate or accused persons are sick and unavailable for trial, the jurisdiction of the court will be challenged after the expiry of the prescribed 5 months period, hence undermining the delivery of justice.

6. Government will aggressively stimulate irrigation? No specificity. How are you going to do that? What specific Programmes are you going to implement? Without specificity this remains mere rhetoric.

7. Using first class for short flights like to Johannesburg is pretentious behavior? But what about using a private jet the way you do when going to Johannesburg and Windhoek, Namibia, isn’t that also pretentious behavior?

8. The main reason we are panicking so much about this drought is because we do not have sufficient maize stocks in reserve. In fact we have less than 200,000 metric tonnes against an annual consumption of 1 million. One of the reasons we do not have sufficient stocks of maize is because Government sold most of our maize to DRC even when the information about the drought was publicly available. In the premises above, is it not reasonable for the Zambian people to expect an apology from the President for the poor decisions of his Government?


SET 29.02.2024


  1. Seen zero tembo is asking ‘where will the water come from ‘. This man doesn’t know anything about ground water and yet he wants to be the president of zambia. Nowonder he’s the master of zeros

  2. But some people even when they talk, one wonders what they always want to achieve in their rotten mouth, nowander he messed up in Botswana. PRESIDENT ZEROOOS (0,0,0,0) s tembo

    Otherwise you tembo s can continue with your dry rotten ugly, dry mouth and talking while the President of the Republic of Zambia President HH and his cabinet team is talking, working and doing fresh things that will help the nation and its citizens overcome the situation by the grace of God it will be done.


    • You people,learn to accept criticism. Don’t panic.Grow up.Zambia is for all of you.
      Do you want Zambia to be declared a failed state needing a UN governance mandate?

      • Criticism nimwamene but surely Sean Tembo knows very well that it was going to take the whole day if not 2 days for the president to explain in details, actually he can’t even do that coz he is not qualified in all fields. Seen Tembo knows very well that if he needs that information he is talking about, he can go to each ministry responsible for his question and they will give him the road man, he is just being foolish on this one and trying to incite the illiterate people.
        Let’s support the president so that we can better ourselves, this is not for the president but for us all and our future.

  3. So the idiot in his idiocy thinks Zambia will have no drop of water soon. Surely being an idiot is a curse. STUPID IDIOT.

  4. It’s very difficult to work with people with no vision and no faith because to them everything seems impossible. They always think of negatives or failures before they even do the work. They don’t even think about God working through the President and other leaders. If Seon Tembo is one of the chimbwi no plan group, then he should just sit and watch, let the people with vision and plans work, we know that our God will not fail us, could be the reason why he gave us HH and Nalumango at such a time like this one and we thank him for that. Ati where is he going to find the money and why didn’t he specify how much that money will be? My friend what’s important is the political will, they say that where there is a will, there is a way and we are more than optimistic that we shall sail through these challenges. God at times allows situations like this one in order to test the faith of his people because in the seasons of plenty, we tend to forget him so much that we don’t even thank him for the bumper harvest. Remember what Moses the servant of God told the children of Israel, he said when you reach the promised land, when you shall have eaten and be full, beware lest you forget about the Lord your God. As a Christian nation, God is more interested in us because he wants us to be light bearers to other nations. God bless Zambia, you are a God who never fails and we shall always trust in you.

  5. Sean Tembo suffering from Cryptococco Meningitis. Please forgive him. He is looking for the best drug to cure him. In politics he has no followers that’s why he seems to look like someone living in limbo.

  6. In all fairness, Mr. Tembo should have acknowledged that the President and his administration have noted the problem and are working to resolve them.

  7. In normal circumstances, someone needed to apologise for selling what we had in out reserves.
    One Minister that misled the president if any should have resigned or get fired.
    The proposed immediate measures are actually not immediate. Immediate should be talking of actions to avoid impending food crisis in the coming months.

  8. Through my constituency office, I am writing to the National Assembly to have our MP raise the issue of regulating these one man parties and tribal groupings in order to have sanity in the country.
    Some of these so called opposition parties are just wailers and Vuvuzelas hiding in the name of opposition presidents.
    We need real issues to give hope to our country.


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