My Views on the Backlash Stella Sata has Gotten From Social Media An honest view


    by Rev Walter Mwambazi

    Whilst I 100% disagree with Stella Sata for her views, she too has every right to express them as much as the disgruntled youth and does not deserve insults for her views.

    It’s the same culture that those in charge are also exercising, intolerance of dissenting views. Freedom of expression is an enshrined right, and whether we agree or disagree, we must learn to accept those views and not insult people and call them all manner of names simply because we disagree.

    I chose to ignore her views because I don’t agree with them. She is a colleague and I respect her in that regard.

    Please let us not adopt the culture of intollerance and insults because that same attitude is what you now see being exercised by those in charge.

    Let’s have a change of mindset.

    One great man said and I quote, “I may not agree with a white supremacist’s view and stance, but I will fight and die to defend their right to express that view”

    Freedom of expression must be respected and upheld, even when we don’t agree with the views expressed by those exercising it.

    What is good for the goose must be also good for the gander.


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