My wife betrayed me


My wife betrayed me

MY name is Willard Chiwele and I am 27 years old.

I married Misozi Banda in 2015 and God blessed us with a daughter.

I was a very hard-working taxi driver and I was always there for my wife and daughter.

Problems in my life started after the car I was using as a taxi got involved in an accident, I stayed for a long period of time without working, and in order to survive my wife started working as a maid in Lusaka’s Libala south residential area.

A few months later a good friend of mine connected me to someone who was looking for a taxi driver and that’s how i started working again as a taxi driver.

My wife continued to work as a maid even after I started working again as a taxi driver.

As time went by I started hearing rumours that my wife was cheating on me with another Taxi driver.
I then asked my wife about the rumours but she denied ever cheating on me.

One Sunday afternoon my wife left home saying she was going to attend a church home cell meeting commonly known as ‘chitente’ within Chawama township where we used to live.

Then an hour later,I received a call from a good friend that he had seen my wife and a Man in a car entering a lodge called Boli 11 in Lusaka’s Libala stage one.

And since there was no one to leave my daughter with at home, I drove with her to the named lodge in Libala stage 1 residential area.

But just as I was about to enter the lodge I saw my wife and a Man driving out of the lodge and that was how I started chasing them and in the process I lost control of the car I was driving and hit into a pavement and the rest I don’t remember what happened.

When I woke up I found myself
On a hospital bed surrounded by and a few relatives and friends.
That same day I was taken to the theater where both my legs where amputated. I also suffered spine injuries in that same accident.

A week later I was told that my daughter died on the spot in that fatal accident. I couldn’t even attend her burial because I was in condition when she was put to rest and doctors advised my relatives not to tell me about the death of my daughter.

And while I was in the hospital my wife went home and got all the things and moved to live with her friends in Lusaka’s Kanyama Township.

I stayed in the hospital for a long period of time and after I was discharged from the hospital I decided to move to Mwana Mainda where I currently staying with my cousin.

I am now healing and just a few days ago a good Samaritan who was introduced to me by Mwebantu Trendsetters blessed me with a wheelchair and k10,000 capital to start a business of rearing village chickens.

I have since forgiven my wife and looking forward to start my life again but I don’t think I want to ever see her again.
Source: Mwebantu Trendsetters


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