LUSAKA- Wednesday, 24th May 2023(Smart Eagles)

Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee, and Chairperson for Information and Publicity, Hon. Raphael Nakacinda has exposed a dirty scheme by the UPND Government to implicate former leaders and officials for the alleged cases of gassing.

Nakacinda says this is part of the extensive destabilization programme plotted against, former President, Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front.

In the scheme, Nakacinda disclosed that Police have since detained two men identified as Menyani Banda and Given Phiri.

The duo who are under detention are being forced to link the gassing incidents to former State House Special Assistant of Politics, Christopher Zumani Zimba, former Minister of Home Affairs and Shiwangandu Member of Parliament, Hon. Steven Kampyongo and former Deputy Director General of Intelligence, Mrs. Mwenya.

Nakacinda stated that this is part of a wider plot to target former President, Edgar Lungu and senior members of the Patriotic Front.

And Nakacinda also stated that the scheme was also meant to divert attention of Zambians from critical issues affecting the country.


  1. The noose seem to be tightening and hence revealing the details which are only known by members of pf so that when the event happens, they will say ” we told you”

  2. Just coerce GBM to reveal the gassers and provide evidence; or are you pre-emptying law enforcers actions to bring culprits to book? He said he knew who they were. We need closure, innocent people died.

  3. The guilty are afraid. Nakachinda thinks his friends could just plan and execute such a horrific exercise and get away with it. No, many people died and those responsible should be made to account for their evil. Nakachinda knows the noose is getting tighter and very soon his friends will be picked. And the case is a very serious one.

  4. Long overdue. Let’s put some closure to the gassing issue. Over 50 innocent lives were lost during this dark episode when some people were forced to sleep outside just to avoid being gassed.

    There should be no sacred cows. Those responsible must be fuliy exposed and appropriately punished.

  5. Polisi done they investigation that is the reason why those two guys are arrested and nakachinda you never know GBM may have linked the information or among the polisi one linked the information.Gassing it was done by state house let us not cheat one another.

  6. Gassing incidents happened. We cannot deny that. It’s something that really exposed our secret service. There was clear fear and despondency in the country. Some people who were wrongly suspected lost their lives as no one knew who to trust. I think our secret service is not capable of much because I doubt it any evaluation of its failures is carried out.

  7. The GUILTY start RUNNING even before they get pursued.

    Uyopa nji Mambala!!

    Sometimes too much talk ba PF you will be attracting problems on your selves.

  8. Raphael Nakachinda you are always living on allegations and fear. Please do not misuse the freedom of speech you are enjoying. Your careless and cheap politics will land you in serious problems. Don’t entangle yourself if matters you do not understand , guess work is not near to the truth.

    Please concentrate on essential issues rather than hallucinating and day dreaming.

  9. Nakachinda should be brought in to explain who is giving him this information ad he is not privy to it. He is including ECL. He is naming the people so he Nakachinda knows the people that were involved in gassing.


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