1. This is the man who speaks as though he has no conscious, and he is showing us that he has a very short memory. Has Mwamba already forgotten how they were rigging elections with Samuel Chavula of Uganda? He is even mentioning God in his crooked arguments. He should be ashamed of himself and should remember that God will punish such people like him? Why was Mwaliteta arrested? Why did Commissioner Siandenge go into hiding for five years? Why did Chris Akufuna and Priscilla Isaacs resign their paying jobs? Was it not over the same rigging? Does Mr. Mwamba think that he is the only one with first hand information on every issue and the rest of us Zambians know nothing about what pro PF ECZ was doing? He is now complaining the loudest because all the PF stooges at ECZ have been kicked out, come 2026 there will be no Chitulika Constituency results being announced from ECZ, mwailasha bane. Ma vote enangu ya Bally munapeleka ku manda and yet you keep on making noise, do you think we don’t know all these things or you just take us to be fools? I can tell you that a Mwangala Zaloumis led ECZ is ten times better than the previous PF Cadre led EZC. Moreover there is no way a ruling party can accuse the opposition of rigging, ninshi mwapwalele shani?

  2. The courts of law will determine this case with it’s relevance according to what is required. As for our politicians let’s not excite ourselves by pedaling lies because if found guilty,you are liable to go to jail alone as the case is with Chishimba kambwili and many others.


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