Press statement for immediate release


The United Party for National Development (UPND) has noted with regret, disdain and disappointment, the Patriotic Front’s desperate attempt to bring a rift between its National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango and party President Mr Hakainde Hichilema.

After contacting Radio Phoenix and Spring TV, it has come to our attention that the statement in question is a fabrication by enemies of democracy who are hell bent on bringing confusion to the party by creating enmity and irreparable damage between the two officials.

At no time did Ms Nalumango during yesterday’s presser; accuse Mr Hichilema of being incompetent in his rightful role as UPND President and neither did she call for his replacement.

She believes in his good, quality leadership and dream for a better Zambia.

It seems like these ‘mwankoles’ have no message to sell to the Zambian people as the country heads to the 2021 tripartite elections, hence their manoeuvres to try and soil the relationship between the two seasoned leaders in an attempt to divert the Zambian people, who are desperately yearning for change of leadership.

There is economic malaise such as joblessness, inadequate medical facilities, inadequate schools, poor road infrastructure, rampant corruption and misapplication of the country’s meagre resources among many other critical problems and it is our duty once in power to change all this.

It is now clear that the PF, whom the people of Zambia have rejected, has devised endless mechanisms and schemes of painting the opposition black and a sworn enemy to the aspirations of the wonderful, peace-loving Zambians who have been held hostage by their ruthless and tyrant leadership.

Finally, we wish to remind the PF that nothing whatsoever, will separate the two leaders from seeing eye to eye and pursuing an endless dream of a better country in which citizens have the liberties and freedoms needed for advancing a better and prosperous nation.



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