National Arts Council

National Arts Council has charged that all those who are using artists to protest have got an agenda to drive.

National Arts Council chairperson Mr Patrick Samwimbila said they feel there is no need for anyone to engage in unnecessary antagonism because there are sufficient platforms for artists to be heard.

“With this in mind, we therefore wish to call upon individuals, political parties, civil society organisations or indeed any other interest groups who plan to hold demonstrations for their own agendas and I emphasize all those that want to demonstrate or those that plan any gatherings have agendas to drive and we call upon them to stop hiding in the well-intended concerns that our artists have recently aired through their platforms on their pages. They have aired their concerns on issues they have seen happening or not happening well in the country and they have been heard,” he said.

He also appealed to social media commentators to desist from judging and demeaning any artist who decides to meet with government officials to air out their views.

“The same way these artists are celebrated when they air out their views and people shout we stand with you, that is the same way we expect social media commentators to stand with the artists when they also decide to take other channels like meeting their leaders. Artists are Zambians and the government that is there is for all Zambians so everyone must have the freedom to walk in any office and even to go to State House to go and air out their views,” Mr Samwimbila said.


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