Nelly Muti


Governance Expert Wesley Miyanda has applauded speaker of the National Assembly, Nelly Mutti for approving Independent Petauke Member of Parliament Emmanuel Jay Banda’s request to move a private member’s motion urging the UPND Government to re- introduce subsidies on Mealie Meal.

In a statement availed to Mafken FM radio, Mr. Miyanda says Ms. Mutti has emphasized the importance of the Petauke Lawmaker’s motion, highlighting its potential to alleviate the burden on citizens and ensure access to the staple food.

He has called upon all MPs to throw their weight behind the motion, underscoring its significance in addressing the concerns raised by the general public.



  1. Kenneth Kaunda really destroyed our mindset. Free things and subsidies. Fellow countrymen and women. If you cannot feed your family don’t start one. The other day politicians were yelling about not wanting GMO mealie meal. Now it’s give us subsidies and the maize must not be GMO. And all this in the midst of a severe drought. Spoilt brats

  2. While shouting for all these things like you are spending your hard earned money. Lets ask ourselves one simple question.
    Subsidy from when? Imagine from your salary. You have no savings because you owe too much and whatever money you could have been saving is going to pay those loans.
    You built a house its at window level and you have to pay rent as well. Your wife now comes and says because you sister in law and brother in marriage have passed their 18children have to live with you. And you have to pay their school fees at an expensive private school that their parents sent them to.
    We have people making these “outlandish” suggestions like the have the money to make these demand.
    Givernment is not an institution that has Unlimited resources. Lets acknowlegde that as fact first. And then ourselves if we can afford to make some of these demand that we want to make.
    As citizens its important that we listen and learn to what is going on around us. Just extend our learning to experience that go on beyond our borders. The struggles we are encountering are not unique as the draught is a gloval phenomenon.
    We want to act like “spoilt brats” and opposition leaders want to suggest they can do better. Yet only a few years ago they demonstrated that had failed. Lungu was asked a few weeks ago if he had an alternative plan. He referred the question posed to the person who is presiding on the country right now. Then I ask why is seeking political office if he has nothing to offer. What is even more embarassing we have the like of Ms. Kateka; a trained accountant and former board member of a Zambian multinational blindly following a man on threashold of being accused of plundering as his family can not explain the wealth they have.
    Introspection is an essential component of maturity. We need to learn to think like Zambia is an adult nation, at almost 60 years. We no longer young.


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