NATO leader optimistic Sweden could be prepared to join by March


NATO’s leader, Jens Stoltenberg, said he is hopeful that Sweden might join their military group by March. Hungary and Turkiye both gave positive signs this week.

Sweden and Finland, who used to stay out of military conflicts, changed their minds when Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022. They asked to join NATO for protection. Finland joined, and now all 31 countries, including Finland, have to agree for Sweden to join.

“Sweden joining NATO will make the whole group stronger,” Stoltenberg told reporters. He also talked about his discussions with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and mentioned new developments in Turkey.

I got a message from Budapest that the parliament will meet again at the end of February. So, we have to wait until then. “But I believe in Hungary and I am sure of it,” Stoltenberg said.

At first, Hungary didn’t explain why they were delaying, and Orban said his government wouldn’t be the last to agree with Sweden. However, the European Commission refused to let Hungary have access to EU funds because they were not being democratic. This made the attitude towards Stockholm become more severe.

Budapest said that Swedish politicians are telling big lies about how Hungary’s government works.

Orban, who disagrees with NATO allies by supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, said on Tuesday that he invited Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson to Budapest to talk about working together on security and defense.

If there is no emergency meeting, the parliament will meet on Feb. for Sweden’s bid. “Please rewrite this text in simpler words. ”

To let Sweden join, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan set some rules. One of them is to take a stronger position against groups that Turkey sees as a danger, like Kurdish militants and people involved in a coup attempt in 2016.

On his own, Erdogan wanted to make a deal with the United States to buy fighter jets. This was also related to his approval of something else.

On Tuesday, Turkish leaders voted and approved Sweden’s request to join by 287 votes to 55. The Turkish government finished the process on Thursday by publishing the measure in an official newspaper.

Stoltenberg was glad that on Thursday night Erdogan signed the decision of the parliament, so now all decisions are in place in Turkey.

Sweden is going to join NATO as the 32nd member after Hungary finishes its processes and the U. Sgets approval from all the other countries. “State Department” can be simplified to “government office. “


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