…as she earlier hints Hichilema could be arrested on nomination day.

Leader of the Forum for Democracy and Development, (FDD) Edith Nawakwi appeared before the Police Tuesday following accusations that she is threatening to kill the Hatembo siblings.

Nawakwi presented herself to police to find out what information the police had about her that she did not have and spent three hours in interrogation.

She fears, according to her, they might murder Pheluna and Milton Hatembo out of desperation and put the blame on her.

Nawakwi went to the police station after holding a press briefing of over half an hour, in which she accused UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema of holding the Hatembo hostage.

She adds that the Hatembos cannot runaway from he because they share cordial relations with her.

However, Pheluna and Milton in their recent video from an unknown locations revealed they were hiding from Nawakwi for fear of being killed.

They vowed their blood would be on her head should anything happen to them, reiterating they are not being held hostage — videos that Nawakwi says are stage managed.

Earlier, the leader of the Forum for Democracy and Development, (FDD) hinted that her opposition counterpart, UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema could be arrested on filing day.

Nawakwi has revealed unverified claims that Hichilema is hiding in South Africa from the case of fraud in the purchase of farm 1924, but she says the law will eventually catch up with him.

She says Hichilema should have run to the police to clear his name over the land acquisition issue, but suggests that the leader of the largest opposition could be arrested on filing day.




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