Nawakwi Denied Access To Medicines and Doctor- UKA


Nawakwi Denied Access To Medicines and Doctor


FDD President Hon Edith Nawakwi who has been detained at Chelstone Police Station since yesterday has been denied access to her life saving medicines by the Police.

A medical doctor who visited her at the police station was denied access to attend to the visibly weak Nawakwi. Police Officers told the doctor to go to Force Headquarters to get clearance to visit the opposition political leader.

The Nation may wish to know the Former Finance Minister, Honourable Nawakwi underwent a life saving surgery in India recently and just returned back in the Country less than a week ago from a medical check up.

Close relatives and friends have wondered what the intention of the State is to deny Honourable Nawakwi her medicines and access to the doctor?

The Nation is now witnessing the Musamba led Police command engage in extra judicial punishments by denying close relatives, friends, or lawyers to have access to the opposition political figures in police custody.

Silavwe Jackson
Chairperson Commmuications
United Kwacha Alliance-UKA


  1. Why commit a crime when you know your health is not okay. She is fine and let her know that she has injury in mind and she needs to tame her temperament

    • Some chronic medical conditions require constant monitoring and medication to help the patient lead their lives, including polticians,as full as possible .Wake -wakey bo Nyambe!!!!

  2. This sympathy card won’t stick. She was very fit when she was flapping her jaws. As a grown up person, she should have known the consequences of her actions and prepared her medication in advance.

  3. She looked fit as a fiddle when she was accussing the State of abducting Mr. Jay Jay Banda.

    She was so energetic and sure about her accusations. But suddenly, she is not well. Does a sick person court trouble? Just wondering.

    • Indeed, you are hallucinating.
      We meet again in the ballot boxes not too long from now so that the opposition can be silenced for good.

  4. Why does the Ukwa team fall sick every time they are arrested?
    If they genuinely fall sick within 24 hours of arrest, why don’t they desist from breaking the law?
    You will end up dying in cells! Can you even survive 127 days?

  5. Jackson Silavwe is a young man. He is just destroying his CV. Leave those losers and run a business boy????


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