BY Veronica Mwale cic private reporter

copper belt ~ Kalulushi

NAWAKWI IS A MENACE ~ Banda Sakanya.

The would be running mate to the out going President ECL is a menace to this country.
She is over stretching her democratic right of freedom of speech.
We know she is being used by PF regime, but she should be cautious in the way she is being used because she doesn’t know how many people she has injured with her continued attacks on HH.

Her insistence that HH is holding the HATEMBO Family even when the HATEMBO family have denied being abuducted is lucid that Nawakwi has a evil hidden agenda to have the police raid HH’s home and possibly arrest and poison HH.

The Hatembo family have conspicuously stated that they are not abducted but running away from the terror of Nawakwi’s menace harmful attack and we expect the police to summon Nawakwi .

Let the amnesty International report Nawakwi to police for threatening harm on the Hatembos family who have denied being abducted.

The Hatembos family are unable to come out from their hidding to report Nawakwi to police because Nawakwi is working with state machinery hence the need for amnesty international to interven into this matter

The failure by the police to summon Nawakwi is a clear indication that Nawakwi is a state weapon machinery at play.

Her fight to be Lungu’s running mate is in vain because Lungu is losing this year’s election and therefore, let her not create numerous enemies.

Plotting to eliminate HH will just make the country ungovernable.

If PF is Democratic and not tyrannical, spare HH he exercises his Democratic right to be on the ballot paper without any intimidation.

PF plan to eliminate HH will not in any way reduce the cost of living but will simply spike civil unrest in the country.

Arrest Nawakwi for threatening harm.
Let Cyber Law begin to work.


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