The National Democratic Congress, NDC, is very disappointed with the Alliance Spokesperson James Kasanda Lukuku and would like to recommend his immediate removal from such a sensitive position.

Mr. Lukuku should bear in mind that the job of a Spokesperson is to speak for and on behalf of an organisation and not his personal opinions.

Mr. Lukuku has written several articles and made statements without the blessings all Alliance presidents and his conduct is becoming very detrimental to the unity and integrity of the Alliance.

If left unchecked, his conduct will be the downfall of the Alliance and not any PF manoeuvres that he is hallucinating about.

Lukuku should know that the PF are scared of the Alliance and will do anything to destabilise or destroy it. So it is very sad for a man holding his position to be responding to the PF propaganda instead of checking for facts among the Alliance partners who are supposed to be his friends and allies.

The Alliance had Sean Tembo as Spokesperson and all the business and statements of the Alliance were conducted in a very professional manner. This childishness from Lukuku should be addressed by the Alliance, otherwise the Alliance and the people of Zambia in general will lose out on a good thing that the Alliance brings.

To begin with, our President Dr. Chishimba Kambwili never met up with former President Mr. Rupiah Banda and all that is propaganda meant to destabilise the Alliance. So we would really want to know his sources that gave him that hogwash.

We have desisted from responding to Lukuku for a while now, but his position in the Alliance make some of his statements believable to people that may not know the truth and therefore are very damaging to the reputation of our president.

Secondly, on the day of voting for Bill 10, Chishala met our president and vice president and the clear instructions given to him were that he should not vote for Bill 10.

Chishala has clearly stated that his remaining in Parliament was not with the blessings of the party but he did so on his on. He has insisted that the people of Roan wanted him to remain in Parliament, though of course we have seen people from Roan deny that assertion.

When Chishala remained in Parliament, three UPND MPs also remained in Parliament. Would Lukuku tell us what that means in terms of what the position of UPND is regarding Bill 10? The PF, in opposition had 21 MPs defy party position and that of founder president Michael Chilufya Sata on the constitutional making process because the MMD had put a lot of money attached to the process.

So sadly, MPs will always defy party positions at some given times for reasons best known to themselves, but we shall not allow Lukuku to continue demonising our president over our MP’s disloyalty.

If Lukuku also followed our President’s interview and heard the voice note, president Kambwili was very clear that he does not want to return to the PF, so we really wonder where is is getting is authority to speak all this rubbish.

Lastly, his assertions yet again that senior NDC members have pledged to remain loyal to the Alliance even when president Kambwili is arm twisted to rejoin the PF is yet another bunch of nonsense. As NDC, we know the stance of our president and we do not doubt him even for a second. So this divide and rule that Lukuku wants to play is very unfortunate. And he should also know that we have unwavering loyalty to our president and I doubt that there is any senior member of the NDC that could have said that to him.

We know how much our president loves the Alliance and how he wants it to work. Our daily discussions with him all boarder on how we shall make Zambia a beautiful country once elected in office as an Alliance, without any option of him going back to PF.

Therefore, as an Alliance, we should not play in the hands of the PF because the destruction of the Alliance will only benefit them and cause more chaos for the country. We should be united now more than ever and continue to strategise ways of strengthening the Alliance and not to break it with our own hands due to listening to too much propaganda.

*Issued by Saboi Imboela*
*Spokesperson- NDC*


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