A NDOLA businessman has been taken to court after he allegedly defamed President Edgar Lungu by calling him “Chikala Lungu”.

In this matter Edward Zyambo 35, a businessman of 1101 New Twapia Ndola is charged with defamation of the President.

Defamation of the President is contrary to section 69 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Zyambo on 20th October, 2020 at Ndola with intent to bring the President into hatred, ridicule or contempt, did utter defamatory words in which he said, “Lungu chikala chakwe, Lungu chikala chawishi”.

The matter is before principal resident magistrate Obbister Musukwa.

When the matter came up for plea, Zyambo denied the charge and the court entered a plea of not guilty.

The state called five witnesses in which the arresting officer told court that Zyambo continued to insult even after seeing him.

“After I received a report from the informer, I asked if they can lead me to where the suspect was. When I reached near CMML Church, I saw the suspect and he was insulting on top of his voice saying ‘Lungu chikala chakwe. Lungu chikala chawishi’. That is how I apprehend him and took him to the police and detained him and charged him with defamation of the President,” testified the officer in charge identified as Chambwa.

After five witnesses testified, magistrate Musukwa adjourned the matter to November 17, 2020 for continued trial.


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