Ndola Man tragically took his own life after losing K5,000 playing the popular online crash game Aviator


K5000 loss on “Aviator Game” ends gambler’s life!

A Ndola man only identified as Cephas Mwanza aged 22, has taken his own life after losing money amounting to k5,000 on a popular online game called ‘Aviator’.

The ‘Aviator’ game which is commonly known as ‘Kandeke’ or ‘Aeroplane’ is believed to be a risky gamble that involves predicting when a plane in the game will ‘crash’.

The allure of instant riches was too much for Mwanza to resist so he ended up using tuition fees, but instead of hitting the jackpot, he watched in horror as his bet went up in smoke along with his future.

For Mwanza, the loss of money led to severe depression and mental anguish, culminating in his tragic death.

Confirming the incident to Nkani, Copperbelt Province Commanding Officer, Peacewell Mweemba has revealed that, crushed by the loss of his tuition fee, Mwanza was overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness and despair that he turned to a poisonous substance in a desperate attempt to end his suffering but instead of finding relief, he only found tragedy.

“Mwanza who was unemployed, took his life after taking some toxic substances ‘doom’, Mweemba said.

“The deceased left a note which gave reasons as to why he took his life and one of the reasons is that he played a game of chance called Aviator which swallowed the money that his elder brother gave him and which was believed to be K5000 for tuitions”, Mweemba revealed.

Mwanza was discovered lying unconscious by his mother, beside him was a bottle of toxic substance.

By Sharon Zulu



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