Ndola woman allows hubby to marry second wife after being paid K50

50 kwacha

Ndola woman allows hubby to marry second wife after being paid K50

FOR one K50 note handed to her by her beloved husband, a wife of Ndola gave the man of her dreams express permission to marry a second woman.

Mary Mumba, 39 told the local court in Ndola on the Copperbelt that she loved her husband so dearly that she had no problem with him marrying a second wife if that is what would bring him happiness.

According to a Zambia Daily Mail report, Mary married John Mushanga, 40, in 2013 after he paid K100 as dowry although she did not have any children with him.

Mary told the court that Mushanga had three children from his previous marriage but the oldest of them all, a girl had proved to be disrespectful and a stumbling block to a happy matrimony.

“I confronted my husband about it and when we sat down with his daughter, she told me that I was not her mother,” Mumba said.

She said she decided to leave the house because her husband did not take any action in disciplining his daughter.

“Later, he followed me with his bashi bukombe and told me that he had married another woman and gave me a K50 so that I can agree to be in a polygamous marriage,” she said and indicated that she had readily agreed.

But when given an opportunity to speak, Mushanga said he did not want anything to do with Mary and asked the court to end the marriage.

While looking at her as she if she was a plate of anthrax-infected beef, Mushanga said Mary was cruel to his children and had a habit of going to night clubs with her friends at odd hours.

Mushanga said he decided to take two of children to his sister’s place because Mumba was not keeping them well.

He said his wife used to insult him and refused to perform her duties such as shaving him and that he ended up doing the house chores himself.

Passing judgment, Senior Presiding Magistrate, John Kabwe granted divorce saying that the couple could not be forced to stay together when Mushanga had already made up his mind to divorce his wife.

The court also ordered Mushanga to compensate Mumba with K10,000 in monthly installments of K500.

By Buumba Mwitumwa



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