…….says the suspension of MPs is a dress rehearsal to a one party state.

LUSAKA……..Wednesday, November 8, 2023 (SMART EAGLES)

Legitimately Elected Leader of Opposition Brian Mundubile says the desperate attempts by Speaker of the National Assembly Nelly Mutti to save herself from the motion of Impeachment will not work.

This follows the suspension of more than 16 Members of Parliament for 30 days, just a day when Nkana Lawmaker Binwell Mpundu was expected to move a Motion of Impeachment against the speaker which has been supported by 58 other MPs.

Speaking to the media, Hon Mundubile said the speaker has lost her legimacy and has no mandate to run Parliament.

He said the continuous breach of the Constitution is a clear indication that Hon Mutti is not fit to preside over the house.

Hon Mundubile has agreed with the comments by learned lawyer John Sangwa that Nelly Mutti is a candidate for Prison because she has breached the Constitution.

And Hon Mundubile has heaped praise on his fellow suspended MPs for defending the Constitution.

“I want to call you the heroes of democracy, what you have demonstrated today shows that you are able to stand up in defence of the Constitution.

You are the gallant soldiers. You showed Madam Nelly Mutti that you will stand and defend the constitution,” he said.

And Hon Mundubile said PF MPs have been instructed not to accept any immoral clauses which might be sneaked into Parliament during the period when other members are serving suspensions.

He said the suspension is a dress rehearsal on how they can run the country as a one party state.

“We are lucky that we have instructed our members to be on the look out to ensure that you check what they are trying to sneak into Parliament. They are now doing a dress rehearsal to see how they can run a one party state. The speaker who made the decision, is the same speaker whom these members have petitioned against,” he said.

Meanwhile, PF Chairman Legal and Lukashya MP Hon George Chisanga said the suspension is connected to the Schemes Miles Sampa has been attempting to take over Patriotic Front.

He said it is being done to ensure that Mr Chabinga who was appointed leader of Opposition can easily walk into Parliament.

He said Mr Chabinga was not even in the house to stand with his perceived MPs following his ilegal appointment.

He said the speaker would like to destroy Parliament as she continues to breach the Constitution.

Hon Chisanga said the suspension is extremely unprecedented because all the MPs have been suspended without being heard.

He said it is clear that the Speaker thinks only PF and Independent MPs must be punished.

“We receive those letters on Wednesday night and we were expected to exculpate ourselves on Thursday. They have come in Parliament with a view to weaken us. We have complaints against the Members of the UPND but the speaker has never written to any of them,” he said.


  1. You’re a shameless lot. You think your unruly conduct was going to be allowed to continue unabated. You as so called leader of opposition has been responsible for the unruly behavior of your members.

  2. It could be you who has lost your legitimacy, as leader of opposition, the behavior you exhibit in parliament at times does not befit you. Hon Mwiimbu was leader of opposition for many years, but we never saw him conducting himself like that. If you the leader is doing that, who can give advice to the MPs you lead? Try to be a model because many people look at you as an example of a good and mature parliamentarian. As a senior MP, you are very conversant with parliamentary standings orders and the consequences for violating them. Honorables should debate like honorables in the August house and not like enemies or rivals. It’s also our duty to control our emotions, never should we allow them to control us.

  3. We know that the whole stupidity is a planned move by the idiot losers and shameless ones for that matter. One thing they should keep at the back of their empty skulls is that they are leading themselves to stupid self destruction and there is nothing their Chief Tief will do about it, bayashi. STUPID IDIOTS.

  4. Ba Mundubile, do not exaggerate. There is no dress rehearsal for a one party state. The PF Speaker, Dr. Matibini suspended UPND MPs for 30 days during the PF reign of terror. Did it result in a PF one party state?

    The unruly behaviour of the PF MPs when walking out was shameful to say the least. It is PF MPs’ right to walk out of Parliament when they feel the need, but they must do so in an orderly and dignified manner. Their conduct was typical of PF thugs. The Speaker should have suspended them for three months for their dishonourable conduct! They are a very indisciplined lot.

    PF have not reformed in any way and the formal coming back of their great leader of the “uubomba mwibala alya mwibala” fame, Mr. Lungu, has emboldened them to begin exhibiting the same lawlessness and propensity for violence that they were well known for during their reign of terror.

    And Mr. Mundubile and his gang call themselves defenders of democracy! What cheek!

    PF is the true representation of hypocrisy, lies and lawlessness.

  5. Hooligans masquerading as MPs. Parliament debates have been decent since you took your walk of shame out of the house. Shame on you


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